Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Whats with girls and football?

I'm dumbfounded.
Why can't girls watch football with their partners?

It isn't something crazy to do. After all you girls watch Titanic and shed tears.

Let's analyse things here.
Girls LOVE FOOT & BALL! but girls HATE FOOTBALL! Why!???

They love the foot very much. They had to go to a Manicure or Pedicure every month.
I'm not sure if its Mani or Pedi but it definitely needs CURE-ing to be done as it gets sick often.
They love their foot and parade them proudly.

And they hell love the balls! They want a guy with BALLS who can stand-up for them! If the guy isn't, then his ball might end up meeting her Mani/Pedi-cured feet!

So, what the exact problem of watching FOOTBALL!???!!!!

(but, they will love to get married to that damn footballers who earns 100,000 pound/week!)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How to exorcise the demon in me?

I have been possesed! For sure.
It has been happening to me on a daily basis.

I set the alarm at 7.00 am daily before going to bed.
The next day at 7.00 am the alarm goes off.
I wake up, check the time and set the alarm on snooze to catch extra 10 minutes of sleep.
10 minutes later, it happens again. I set it on snooze. Sleep.
10 minutes later, it happens again. I set it on snooze. Sleep.
10 minutes later. I switch off the alarm. Sleep.

when I wake up it always 8.40am plus or even 9.15am plus!
I should be at work at 8.30am! GOSH!

And I will start my day by swearing myself with the word "SHIT!"

It's happening daily. How can I help myself? Anyone with tips, please help me.
I need it urgently. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Same day last year....

It's 27th March today.
Mom's birthday.
Last year I was swamped with a particular project which occupied my time from 8.30 am to 5.30 am the followiing day almost on daily basis. Which had made me to forgot to wish my mum.
She cried and cried.
I manage to get her a saree the following weekend and promised myself not to forget this date again! And it happened to be her last birthday with us.

Happy Birthday Mum. Sorry. I love you. :(

p/s : I'm going to temple today. Not decided between Mariamman in South Bridge Road or Sivan in Paya Lebar. mmmmm

MYR 4 fine for not being able to identify the gender!

Last weekend my dearrie was down here. She wanted to attend to her friends Mini-Konvo (dunno why they call it Mini-Konvo, although I don't see any rationale behind that! Probably just to remind the graduates 'Now, you guys are not really good to be considered for the MAJOR KONVO, hence we created this MINI KONVO so you can hang around your own type!'. GOK) in UTM Skudai.

So we left my Singapore house at 9.00 am and walked towards the MRT. In the process, I HAD to carry the most ugliest sling bag ever hung on my shoulder (which obviously is NOT mine). Enough of that emabarassment, my dearrie had to wrap her jacket around it. Well, I hated the bag initially but once the jacket was in place I practically cursed the creator of both the bag and the jacket! You A******!

Since I tried my level best not to glance at whatever I was carrying...something did happened.
10 minutes later. We were in the MRT, when my dearrie with her sweet and innocence looking impression on her face asked

'Where is my jacket?'
OMG! I had actually dropped it while we were walking towards MRT! Uh ooh!. I'm dead. But my quick thinking male-brain worked and triggered my voice box to generate a sound from my mouth which sounded like this...

'I'm sorry dear. I might have dropped it. Don't worry I will buy you a better bag and a jacket next week ok!'

To which, a sinister smile formed on her face. Something that had the statement 'YEA RITE!' underlying.

Then, we reached JB. Had a quick breakfast. A roti pisang and a thickest Milo on earth!

The we stopped a cab. I opened the door and asked 'Boleh pergi UTM skudai, bang?' ('Brother, can we go to UTM Skudai please?') To which the driver just nodded and we hopped in happily. Seeing the fare meter was on made us feel even better. As in JB you can be charged RM 10 for a 100 meter trip!

While on the cab, dearrie kept saying things to me in Tamil....and I went 'yea yea. You are right. You are always rite. Even if the whole world is filled with left handed people, you are always right. Even Phil Mickelson is right to you.'

Once we were in the UTM compound, I requested the driver to stop us near the Konvo hall.
'Bang, berhenti dekat Masjid tu yer.' (Brother, please alight us near the Mosque)

That's when the reply from the BROTHER came.

'Dekat bus stand ni boleh tak. I tak nak masuklah dalam-dalamlah' It was polite, in perfect tone, sweet and in a females' VOICE!

Ooh my gosh! He WAS a female! He IS a female. In fact, HE was never a HE! It's a SHE!

I quickly said 'Oh ok. Terima kasih. Berapa?'
SHE said 'RM 20'. The fare meter showed only RM 16! I just asked my dearrie to pay RM 20 and got out of the cab to breathe the fresh air again! My dearrie, being a dearrie she is always, grumbled and paid the fare and got out as well.

'Why we paid extra RM 4!'
'May be because I couldn't identify her as a HER, instead was addressing as a HE?'
'That is what I was trying to tell you in the cab you dumbo!'
'The whole conversation in the cab was about her gender! Where were you?'
'Sorry, was busy.'
'With WHAT?!'
'Hey, you are late. Your friend will be waiting, lets go there now' And I managed to emulate Shawshank Redemption kinda escape!

Phew. Don't Know Gender? Pay RM 4!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Meetings that ended even before it starts

Had a meeting with a CEO of ThongChaiMedical organization today at 3.00pm.
We have been offering them free web services all this while under our companies Good Will Project, hence they wanted to have a meeting today to discuss further on what we can do and provide for them.

At 2.40, Mr.XXX called our office and said
"Hi, Mr.Paran, I thought you are in unit 05-02. But there is no one here"
To which I replied "Hi Mr.XXX, it's unit 02-02 not 05-02. I will wait for you at our office entrance"

Then at 2.45 he came down and we had the quickest discussion ever which ended at 2.55 pm.
I sent him off then took a glance at my office wall clock, and it showed 2.56 pm!

The meeting starts at 3.00 pm but ended at 2.56 pm! Now's thats a meeting worth visiting.

Unlike yesterday, I had a meeting with The Underwater World center at Sentosa to discuss some new projects. After I had to wait for 20 minutes as that Marketing Manager was busy with something, we had a quick 1 hour discussion. After that I tried calling for a cab, where both cab companies said they have no cabs around that area. It's Wednesday so I wouldn't blame them.
The other company I tried calling is still stuck with my old session! These companies trying to be too smart ended up looking stupid.

I called this company about 3 months back from a stadium, and after entered my location address and everything through their IVR system, i waited for about a minute or 2 before ending the call. So, ever since then whenever I call them they attend to me from that session which was terminated..
"Please press 1 to be picked up from the main lobby, press 2 for roundabout..." and wait, they will! Gosh.

Anyway, since I realised I can't wait for a cab I decided to take a bus. And all the tourist that was there gave me a wierd look. As I'm the only one with long sleeve, tie and pants while others were in much relaxed outfit. It was a BEACH! No one wears tie to the beach, they thought. I guess! Whatever. The connecting bus from the island to the city was pretty good. I was in a place accesible by cabs, MRT, and taxis in less than 10 minutes!

That's how it went!

By the way I asked the marketing manager this, which I thin I should share with you guys...
"Since you are with Underwater World campaigning about fish saftey and stuff. Have you turned vegetarian? At least no-seafood diet? The lobster replica with the message "Save me" looks very convincing though."

To which, she gave me a wierd look. Still searching for the MEEN-ing! (Pun intended. Meen = Fish in Tamil)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Women are actually....

I think they are actually a reincarnation of a CLOTH HANGER!
No disrespect here sorry. But I saw a gal in MRT last nite on my way to temple and she reminded me of a cloth hanger!

On her left arm, her hand bag was hanging neatly. On the right, there was another paper bag.
She had some sort of pouch hanging around her neck, a hat to go with it.
How much more can you carry! And mind you, she looked to me like just came back from WORK! Not even shopping.

So, to all girls who are the reincarnation of a cloth hanger! God bless you!


God created man and said "I'm sure I can do better than that!"
And he created woman.
After which he said "Gosh, my over confidence! I should have stopped with man!"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

90th day....

It's been 90 days since that fatal 19th December 2005. The day I lost my mom.
In hindusim, it is believed that a soul will always be around the loved ones for 100 days.
I hope my mums soul IS with me, as that will at least prove the point that she loves me.

Going to a Sivan Temple (Shiva is one of the 3 major god in Hindusim) now. Need to make an archanai (prayer) for mum. I hope she will rest in peace.


Friday, March 17, 2006

The Dorm (thai) review

Watched The Dorm last nite. The first ever Thai movie I watched in a cinema. And it was an excellent experience. The movie was directed by Songyos Sugmakanan

For a start, the movie was about a young boy being sent to a boarding school where he befriends a ghost accidentally. The emotions between these 2 boys (the real boy and the ghost boy) were potrayed excellently!
I went into the cinema expecting to be terrified but came out saying 'That was the sweetest horror movie ever'!

Don't want to be a spoiler and reveal too much of the story here.
You guys simply got to watch it. It's excellent! 3 thumbs up!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Extra Sugar Denied...Andy's torture!

He merely ordered an Iced Coffee with extra sugar.
And it was not granted! What an ordeal he needs to go through early in the morning.

Andy, ordered an Iced Coffee from the foodcourt downstairs and politely told the Aunty behind the counter
Andy : Extra sugar please.
Aunty : OK

The Aunty then turned towards the Uncle who is the coffee expert (since I have seen people personally asked the uncle to take a break from his lunch and get them their coffee although there were other helpers readily available at that time!) and said : Chow Yuen Fat, Mui Fan-na (or something like that. I believe she asked him to add sugar in Chinese).

Uncle : *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding* (the sound of spoon stirring the coffee in a glass) NO acknowledgement.

So Andy took the liberty to pass his request to the uncle directly.
Andy : UNCLE, EXTRA SUGAR PLEASE (On top of his lung)
Uncle : *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding*

Nothing done, but the Uncle poured the coffee into a plastic cup attached a plastic holder and straw and gave it to Andy. Poor Andy, with sour face accepted the coffee and walked to office.

It's 1.55 pm now. And the coffee is only 25% consumed. He is even done with his lunch but the coffee is patiently waiting for him there. Poor coffee made poor by poor Andy made poor by the Uncle.

A simple case of Extra Sugar Denied.
Poor Coffee
Update as of 2.10 pm : Andy's Poor Coffee ends its fiath in a trash can! Emotionally dumped by Andy who just stepped out to get another cup of coffee! Good Luck Andy!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What a training!

I had a system training to be attended for 3 days starting today from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, or so it was scheduled.

I woke up early, came to my office to sent out some emails and head straight to the training office at 9.20 am. The training SUPPOSEDLY should be started at 9.30 am.

I met my colleague Andy there, walking OUT!

Me : Hey, where you off to?
Andy : Coffee?
Me : Training?
Andy : Not come yet. You want to come?
Me : Later.

*Andy's English is not really good. Not that mine is great, but his is worse!

Then I found out the trainer have just arrived in Singapore Changi Airport at 9.15 am! WHAT THE HELL!

So I joined Andy for a breakfast at HAN'S. With a smile and a 'hello' at the girl behind the counter and checking out which one of those items on display are vegetarian, the girl was friendly enough to gave me an insider new. No, identifying a vegetarian food is not an insider news!.l She informed me HAN'S is going HALAL from April! And I went WOW!

It's the latest trend in Singapore where more and more chain restaurants and food outlets are turning HALAL knowing the market potential it brings. Last chain was 'OLD CHANG KEE', which had its sales increased by 60% after turning HALAL.

Then, we were joined by another colleague Kelvin. After about 30 minutes, we went to the training room and sat like a school boy.

We waited. The clock showed 10.05 am.
Continued waiting. The clock, 10.30am.
Wait is all we could do, the clock continued ticking at showed 11.00am!
Then at 11.10am, the trainer walked in! We heard there were tons of miscommunications happened between the trainer and the girl who organized this event. 'CRAP!' I said.

After about 40 minutes, we had a lunch break.

Once done, I asked the trainer, so any technical part you are going to cover today?
He said, 'No not today. This is very end user training. No technical stuffs. If you want we can arrange for another session to cover the technical parts'

And I said, 'OK, will let you know when we can have it. Thanks'

So that's how my training went. Started at 11.10, ended at 11.50. Had lunch and back with absolutely nothing learned! Except for the fact that HAN'S going HALAL!

p/s: HAN'S Singapore serves one of the best vegetarian Mui Fan I have ever tasted. But the Ultimate BEST Mui Fan comes from Uncle Wong's restaurant in Pertama Complex, KL.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The idea was to eat LESS!

For the past few days I felt bloated. Not that I eat more frequently than I should, but the portion from this chinese vegetarian stall is quite huge. Although I have settled for 'half of the rice please' for the past 2 days it didn't seem to help.

So, I hatched a master plan. Let's eat fruits or something light for lunch and have rice only for dinner.

With a plan in my hand I bought a comb for SGD 1.20 which is suppose to be my lunch.

Once I was in office, my colleague offered himself to buy me a coffee, and I thought 'A coffee will do no harm'. So I said ok. Had coffee at 11.00

Then at 12.30, the same colleague asked me for lunch, I said no I'm not eating my lunch today (that was after having 5 of 7 bananas). Then I thot...probably 'half of the rice' again wouldn't be much. And so I had my lunch, with a Ice Lemon Tea. Then at 4, had my other 2 bananas coupled with Red Bull!

And now I'm back to square one, BLOATED!


The one's that slipped away...

We have had different friends at different stages of our lives.
Although, remembering all of them is not possible but the memories we have with the close ones are always sweet.

I've had many friends that I have lost touch due to my family relocation from town to town or due to my personal career took off too....

I hope, somehow, some of my friend could get back in touch with me...
Here's a list of a few of them

1) Faizal - my Tadika buddy (1985), from SKC, Slim River, Perak

2) Goh - my best buddy from Standard 1 to Standard 3, SRK Jln Kelab Sukan, Slim River. I can't remember your name though but I know for a fact that his father owns that SHELL station in front of the Police Station in town.

3) Tamizh, Steven, Siva, Raghu - These are my Gang Members from Standard 1 to Standard 3, SRK Jln Kelab Sukan, Slim River. There was once we were caught for fighting with some other guys during recess and our discipline teacher had to 'straighten' things up. ALL THIS WHILE WE WERE 8! Wow!

4) Salmah, Salwani & Hanas - My benchmarkers from Standard 4 - 6, SRK Rantau Panjang, Batang Berjuntai, Selangor. Hanas was our head prefect back then. While Salmah & Salwani always trick me into competing with them in studies! I did beat the hell out of them, at least in Maths! HA HA HA! Thanks guys....

5) Syahrul Niza, Ashadi - my new gang members from Form 1 to Form 3, SM Rantau Panjang, Batang Berjuntai, Selangor. Together we all got 'spoilt'. We were so close that at times we miss each other during tuition hours!(We all went to different tuition teachers. A master stroke masterminded by our form teacher Mr.Chandra!) And we have to meet up right after that. Last I heard, Syahrul was in KKB and Ashadi was still in Rantau Panjang but have no idea what is he doing.

6) Thiru, Selvanathan, Ravi - My indian version of the same gang member of no. 5). :)
It was so much fun, I had to stick to these guys as they were my tuition-mates. We always had the tradition of having a teh tarik and a roti canai before attending our tuition. Once I have actually poured SOY SAUCE into Ravi's tea and he was complaining the whole day how his tea tastes bad! HA HA HA

7) Shukri, Shamsul, Kamal (Man Perak), Kadir (Wak Tel), Syahril, Yah (Esso) - All guys, except for Yah! We call her Esso as her house is near Esso station! :) How I miss the 'ponteng' session we conduct every now and then! Also, I would like say a small prayers for our other friend Azman, who passed away in 1998. May Allah Bless Your Soul. These guys are from SMK Raja Muda Musa, Batang Berjuntai. 1995 - 1996

8) Faizuma - This one gal was so close to me, that the whole school thought we are an ITEM! A wonderful character I met in life. Very staunch Muslim and have done wonderful things for me. Love her for her true friendship! Not sure of your whereabouts but do contact me girl if you can!SMK Raja Muda Musa, Batang Berjuntai, 1995 - 1996.

9) Finally, whatever said and done Shamsir Annuar (fondly known as KERBAU) from Cosmopoint, KL 1998 - 1999.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Why worry?

I have picked these long liners from a local clinic in Batang Berjuntai, Selangor (my hometown) some 12 years back.


There are only 2 things to worry about,
either your are well or sick.

If you are well,
then there is nothing to worry about.
But if you are sick,
then there are only 2 things to worry about,
either you will get well or die.

If you are going to get well,
then there is nothing to worry about.
But if you are going to die,
then there are only 2 things to worry about,
either you will go to heaven or hell.

If you are going to heaven,
then there is nothing to worry about.
But if you are going to hell,
you will be busy shaking hands with friends
and have no time to worry at all!

So, why worry?

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Journey Home (Blogging frm KL)

Well guys...I'm home. In KL.
Surprised! Don't be....i just arrived in KL at 3.30 AM (that's like 2 hours ago).
And I will be continuing my "pilgrimage" trip to Sg.Petani today (3rd March).
Have not bought the ticket yet, will be getting one later. Hoping to get a 3 pm or a 4 pm bus ticket. Then on Sunday, will be leaving Kulim, Kedah at 8 pm straight to Singapore. THAT WILL BE AT LEAST A 10 HOUR JOURNEY! And guess what, the next day, in my new office I will have to start work at 8.30 am!

Yea, the guys in my off will be shifting today (3rd March) and I'm on leave. But I have helped them to pack as much as I can. The last news I heard from my colleague was my boss was screaming about the charges for phone line transfer and setup which costs SGD 500+. I don't think its a big deal. It seems now, they want to re-look for another company's quote. Whateva! Not my prob.

Anyway, just an UPDATE!
I GOT MY HUSH PUPPIES SHOE! and someone bought me a BLUE Polo Ralph Lauren perfume! So, my list of gifts continues! ha ha ha. Jijah...jgn jealous ok! (Thanks for your never ending supply of food everytime I visit your office ok. Appreciate it. Keep 'em coming gal. )

C ya guys, will try to blog from Sg.Petani (mmmm will it feel different? God knows!)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I need a gun..... DON'T CUT THE QUEUE!

Picture this scenario...

I have been waiting for a cab for past 15 minutes on a rizzling rainy day.
All the cabs have been hired or "on call" or "busy"(with what, I don't know). So I continued waiting. Out of no where, this girl (its always a girl!) walks toward the kerb ahead of me and stopped the only available cab in the past 15 minutes and shoots off!

OOOH, how I wish I could show her my 3rd precious finger! F*** OFF!


Singapore : A nice place to live in...but not with Singaporean

Kiasu, Control-Freak, Complain-addicts, Queue-addicts - these are only certain terms to identify Singaporeans here. Mind you I'm only talking about some/most of them, not all of them.

This place (Singapore) has been well developed and in fact is 10 years in advance compare to Malaysia and probably 20 years in advance compare to Indonessia. But the people here? Gosh they are still the same old "Drunken Ape"!

Can you believe it, when there are columns in newspapers to complaint/feedback about incompetent service by some sector there are Singaporeans who actually write about these issue which really puzzled me!

1) A girl wrote about how a ISP technician who suppose to be at her house to fix the connection in the morning arrived at 9.00 pm. Ok, a vlid complaint. Then she called the ISP to complaint about this incident. OK. Then, the manager of the ISP call centre promised to investigate and call her back. OK. So far so good rite.
But her complaint is this.
"Since I was busy for the next 2 days, I couldn't answer my phone calls. Thus, I saw there were 3 missed calls in that period. If indeed this ISP Call Center manager called me, why he didn't bother to email me!"
HE CALLS so he can personnaly assure you on things. WHAT DO YOU WANT A****LE!
DO YOU EXPECT HIM TO COME AND BEG YOU FOR FORGIVENESS! IT'S LAME! If the manager didn't even bother to call, then yes I am with the girl on this, but come on!

2) Now this, even a weirdo will find it weird! A guy walked into a Guardian Pharmacy, bought a local tabloid which is SGD 0.70 and paid that amount in 1 cent coins! YUP, thats rite 70 X 1 cent coins! How on earth you expect people at the counter to entertain a bimbo like you! And you are writing about it to a newspaper! WHAT ON EARTH IS OCCUPYING YOUR HEAD!

The worst thing is, I can't even conclude what went on the editors mind before approving these COMPLAINT LETTERS to be published.

SINGAPOREANS .....Who am I to comment!