Thursday, April 19, 2007

IJOK .....Santa is in town

First of all, I would like to wish my condolences to ex-ADUN IJOK K.Sivalinggam's family.
The fact that a soul (innocent or not, not an issue) has been lost is saddening.
BUT I WAS MORE THAN FLABBERGASTED to hear Samy Velu's comment that says 'we have lost a leader'!!! WHAT F**K!!!!

Tell me about someone in Machap, I wouldn't know...but IJOK!

With the announcement of BY-ELECTION, suddenly the state government has RM36Million budget to be spent in and around IJOK! WOW!!!!

I have not registered myself as a voter, hence I won't be able to vote this coming 28th April. Furthermore, being settled in Singapore doesn't help me to travel all the way there and vote for PKR? May be.

But I would like to see my town to be developed.

Not sure where the RM36Million will be spent, whether it will be spent entirely or not is for another discussion...but my dear fellow people...please, please make sure you benefit the most out of this BY-ELECTION.

Get the government to fix all these issues ASAP! Offer expires on 29th April, regardless of the outcome of the election.

1) To resume the public transportation service from Batang Berjuntai town to at least 4 major estates from Rantau Panjang onwards. The kids and the public from these areas are now merely depending on school & factory buses.

2) Beef-up (I'm not talking about serving the meat) the police force in Batang Berjuntai to BRING DOWN the crime rate in this town! IT IS AT ALL TIME HIGH! I believe. This statement is of my own opinion and not based on any stats. As though there are stats given out, anyway.

3) Spend the money to build and include SCIENCE STREAM classes in SM. Rantau Panjang. Why it has been neglected all this while? Because, that school is populated by indian students from estates? I was one of such student affected by this.

4) Dumping site around Kg. Hang Tuah? Has it been removed? I don't think so! GET IT DONE NOW!

5) Clean up all the drainage system around all residential areas in the town! It's bloody piled up with garbage! And that causes mosquito breeding happily, not sure if they have a voting rights as well? May be? Who knows.

6) Plug all the pot-holes in town (I heard this is in progress right now).

7) Arrange meet-the-people session every 6 months once (at least) for the ADUN to take a walk in his constituency to find out what is happening! A proof that they don't know and don't care is that I saw a banner put up by late K.Sivalinggam 'ADUN Kaw. Ijok Mengucapkan Selamat tahun Baru Cina 2002'. Mind you, that banner was up in year 2005! Can you at least change the year.

8) Promote more social integration in the society, get the jobless, vandalising youths (mostly Indians, but Chinese and Malays are never far behind) to do SOMETHING other than I have mentioned here. NOW, YOU THINK OF WHAT TO DO!

9) Get the Ministry of Health to check (regularly) on all restaurants in the town. Try taking a peek at their kitchen!

10) Finally, please expand the town-ship beyond the hill. It is getting congested! After so many year, it has JUST expanded slightly beyond the mole.

Please do this for us at least!

A PLEA from an IJOK-ian.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FINALLY!!!!....GOT IT!!!!

After rounds and rounds of discussions, changes, changes to the changes, phone calls, emails, meet-up.....WE GOT IT!


Got it signed last nite. Not really the big one we are expecting but, one of the bigger ones definitely.

So, Tamil New Year (which falls on the 14th April) have brought me luck, I believe!

Thank you thank you thank you....

AAAANNNNNDDDDD.......I have another announcement to be made.

As of 14th April 2007, I have also ventured into another business with my fellow friends. :)

Yup, I'm a partner in another company too now. For this one, I am investing my effort rather than $$$. It's always good to have a back up rite?

My new venture is called MY JOB RESOURCES. It's a job recruitment company based in Malaysia and operates both in Malaysia and Singapore.

You can access the site at

It has just started, but the response have been good so far.

So guys, you have another reason to pray for me.

NOTE: For all of you for have wished me good luck and prayed for me, I would like to thank you guys sincerely and please continue praying for me. It's still a long way to go....

Cheers! :)