Thursday, March 01, 2007

At the Brink....

Dear All,

again....i have collection of things to update in a single time sorry ok...

first of all, My Valentine's Dinner went VERY VERY WELL....
Here's what I planend to do before consulting a few friends who have been excellent....especially Pu1Pu3, AnaSalwa, Ariel and not forgetting my dear Cute Nitha...

Valentines Preparation
1. Buy Roses and spread the petals from the door of living room to the bedroom where I am going to place a small gift for her.
2. I will be waiting for in the bedroom, with dim lights on, and 3 stalks of roses with me.
3. Then I am going to lead her to the dining room where I have prepared it like these

1) Buy table runner (dark maroon – she loves it) for dining table
2) Spread more rose petals on the table
3) Lit up some long, skinny candles placed in a wine glass, filled with white sand pebbles… this idea from some book….
4) Prepare her plate with fork and spoon and a red rose stalk on it.
5) Get a table napkin as well.
6) Serve her the dishes….(refer to my dishes menu below….what you think)

Menu (Fusion menu)
1) Vegetable salad with Thousand Island dressing for appetizer
2) Small portion of rice served with Dried Chilly Chicken (mock meat) with gravy
3) Beans with almond nut in thick gravy soy sauce + chilly sauce
4) Round shaped fried egg.
5) Vanilla Ice Cream with choc syrup for dessert

4. After the dinner, I am planning to watch a romantic movie (on DVD) with her…any suggestion what will be short (around 1 hour or slightly longer) and really romantic….


After consultation, time constraint, budget constraint.....finally this is what Ms Dinner Date actually got on that nite...

Firstly, I was late for shopping had some business issues to deal with….
So I started my shopping only at while she is supposed to come back home at 7.30!

I couldn’t find white pebbles for candle stand and table runner…

So I bought everything I could and rushed home and started cooking at 5.30

By 7.15 I started spreading the petals from main door straight to bedroom where I have placed the dress I wanted her to wear.
A nice maroon top with pink skirt. I matched it with my own maroon shirt. The flower spread lead straight to the bathroom, where I also spread the flowers in the bathroom.

I also placed candles along the petal path.

I left note on the front door ‘Please use your key to open the door and follow the flower+candle path. DO NOT LOOK FOR ME’
Another note in the bedroom door ‘Take a good shower, at least 15 mins’ (so that I will have time to prepare the dinner table….

Once she went into the bedroom… I rearranged the flower path and candles to lead her to the dining room…..
I was waiting with a small bouquet and a table decorated with rose petals and 3 big candles….

I really went into fusion meal! I guess so….
I cooked rice with roasted cashew nuts and raisins, Malay style mock-chicken rendang, Chinese style sweet+sour tofu and Indian style vegetable…
As for dessert I bought Famous Amos brownies (3 different types) topped with Haagen Dazs Vanilla ice cream and a slice of strawberry…

We had the meal with coke ….while latin lounge music playing in the background….had no time to look for new CDs …

After the meal I asked her for a dance... in the living room…..

And both of us had a good time….


How was that? I dunno.....but i really think she enjoyed it...

Alright, thats on the personal front...

As of my business......i am feeling the pressure right now.
Too many things to be sorted, too many things to work on, too many bugs to fix...

But, as of now...we are only confirming 1 major project. AT THE BRINK!. Just some T&C to be sorted out, but nevertheless the project is confirmed. So, thats one. We have 3 more in the pipeline waiting to be confirmed. Hopefully everything works well.

I have been working like mad-dog for the past 1 week.....didn't even watch the Magnificent MU scoring 3 goals in the opening 6 minutes against Reading, and proceeded to crumble and win the game by mere 3-2 score! Guys....please buck up...Anfield is awaiting our visit....

Dear KG,
When are you coming down bro? Just alert me ok.....
So sorry for the super late reply.....Call me ok....if u still have my number...