Friday, January 13, 2006

Days are life goes on

It's been exactly 25 days since mom has gone.
Life never been the same, things changes a lot around me.

But it is during this tough time I happen to know whom I can really depend on.
For those who been there for me, thanks a lot guys....appreciate it more than anything.
Don't want to name these good souls which will put the other down. I don't think anyone deliberately wanted to be ignorant. But I give them the benefit of doubt.

As for me, i have been sleep talking per what my dearrie testified. (she was kind enough to come down last weekend to sort out things for me here. Thanks a lot dearrie).
She even said I was calling my mum in the sleep. I never recalled any incident in my life before where I sleep-talk. But I guess I'm just too depressed at the moment.

Many of them have advised me to concentrate on my work so I can overcome this black episode of my life. But my work is even more stressful! I might just break down further by indulging in it, but I am slowly getting myself back onto the track.

Watching MU never helps these days. They simply inflict the "sad" and "upset" feeling in you everytime they pass the ball around and ended up collecting it from their own net!

Apart from that nothing really changed except for the live streaming of SUN TV in Singapore cable tv. SUN TV is the most saleable tamil channel in the world. The demand is beyond expectation in Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Canada and even in Africa. It used to be a live stream, which means I get to watch their prime time shows at 10.30 pm onwards (due to 2 hours 30 mins of time difference)...but do they have to reallign it now! and I cant watch most of it now.....wat a bore!

This weekend, probably I will visit the Star Wars Exhibition in Singapore....where they exhibit everything about Star Wars.....not a fan though....but when something good comes around you better take a look at it....

And ooh yea MU is playing a Derby this Sat at 8.40 local time. Just for those who are not footbalistic, Derby refers to a game between two clubs in the same city. For example, Liverpool vs Everton dubbed as Merseyside derby, Arsenal vs Spurs as North London derby, MU vs M City as Manchester derby and there are many other derbys........

so good luck SAF! May your team wins it....I can predict they will knick it 3 - 4!
3 - 0 down at half time, 3 -4 at the full time. Rooney to score 2, Ruud 1 and probably Giggsy 1!

Till then cheers mate

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 goes on (review of 2005)

Now, we are into 2006! I believe in the first few weeks many of us would still end up writing or typing 2005 in forms to fill up by accident. It takes time you guys...2006 is here for another year to stay. How it would be? I don't know, how the 2005 went you ask? Not so good!

Here's my review of 2005

Jan 2005
- Major disagreement with my GF on 1st Jan!
- My highest ever contribution to my company in terms of sale in a single month! (SGD 34.58 k)

Feb 2005
- Attempted break-off with my GF. She cried, cried and cried and fall sick and things continued to go worse

March 2005
- some how I managed to get back on road with GF
- 27th March! The day I forgot to wish my mum HAPPY BIRTHDAY, which turns out to be her last birthday with us!. I'm sorry mum, I won't stop paying the price for it.

April 2005
- Got a pay rise of SGD 100 *
- Paid my highest ever phone bill in the last 6 years! (What? You want to know the figure? Better not! Despite pu1pu3 advicing me on this for the past 6 years it went really crazy. So revealing the figure will only help me to be on the receiving end of pu1pu3's advice. Pu1pu3, don't get me wrong here. I have always respected you and took your advice on many occasions. So, don't stop 'em coming kay!)

June 2005
- Narrowly missed the sales target of Q2

July 2005
- Company trip to PD + Malacca. End up with my Boss's bf hates me and vice versa! :)
- Birthday went ok.....

Oct 2005
- Purchased my Samsung Digimax I5 camera (my first ever gadget! itching for a MP3 player now!)

Nov 2005
- My highest ever expenditure for a single month! (Deepavali and Raya came together
- Took mum to MegaMall for the 1 last time, I even bought the my fav "Butter SmartAlec" and "Choc Smart Alec" from BreadsTalk

December 2005
- Worst ever month of my life.....mum had stroke on 13, got worse on the 15, and left us on the 19th!
- forget anything about X'mas or New Year! wasn't in the mood

There you go! My darkest ever year 2005!!!!