Saturday, September 23, 2006

WIWIWIG...What I Want Is What I Get

Well, when we did our grocery shopping on Thursday nite, she popped up the question to me
'What you want for tomorrow dinner?'

Least did I expected her sincerity to cater to my needs. Although I have no doubt about it.

My answer was 'Mom, always cooked Dhal(lenthil) Curry on Fridays'

To which she replied 'I don't know how to cook dhal, I'm sorry'.

'It's ok, its not that I wanted it. I just said it. Cook whatever you feel like. I will be late, so I wont be able to help you to prepare the dishes'

So, after my after-work meeting with my client last nite I reached home around 9.45 pm.

The moment I stepped out of the lift/elevator I smelled something cooking. The smell was really familiar. So, I walked faster towards our unit to see her in kitchen preparing something.

I, quickly, unlocked the door and went straight to the kitchen to find out, to my surpirse, that she had a piece of paper which had the recipe for 'Dhal' and a bowl of dhal curry ready to be eaten! (of course, I peeped at the food after giving her a hug and planted a kiss on her forehead).


I didn't expect her to take the trouble to prepare the meal which I eat almost everyday in my entire life! Honestly, I eat dhal curry at least once almost everyday! Even my mum asked me if I'm not bored of eating it everyday. Well, I don't know. I' m not sick of it yet!
I have this problem of prefering my routine food everyday. Will write about my eating habit later, today, especially this post is all about her effort in making me happy!

The meal was excellent! I loved it. It seems, she got hold of the recipe from her fellow colleague, and later dropped by a grocery shop to buy the ingredients and prepared the meal for me, only for me! I felt like I was the king for the day. On top of her effort, what really amazed me was that, she did all these shopping and stuffs despite one of her 'heels' on her shoe gave way! She did the 'Mentos' approach and removed the heels from the other shoe as well and continued searching for the ingredients for me!

Thank god, thanks a lot. I'm not going to put too much pressure on her by the next statement.
But I really think she deserves it, 'she looks after me just like my mum!'. Honestly. I'm sincere.

May god bless her.

I love you, Han.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I feel naked, insecured and isolated

My phone have been giving me problem for the past few weeks.
It restarts as and when it deems appopriate, although it isn't for me.

It will hang when it needs to, although I don't.

Enough was enough I've sent the phone for servicing yesterday. I'm going to get my phone only on Friday. Till then all my voice calls have been diverted to my office line. So NO SMS please.

And I found out, I'm not alone feeling this way without a phone.
She talks about it too

I told you so....NOT!

as of today (20th Sept 2006)
SGD 1 = RM 2.29355

Yesterday it was
SGD 1 = RM 2.32465

That's a -0.04 difference!

Hopefully it will turn the right way by nect month....

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hoping to get month

I hope I can get rich next month. I really hope so. Deepavali coming, Hari Raya coming, Ms.Dinner Date's Bday coming.

So, as it is happening around my work place now, we have been officially bought over by another firm in March and effectively we are closing down this month end. No more "XXX". Is it good or bad? I don't know, hopefully good. Life twists and turns when we expect the least but it always realigns our perspection on matters, our goals and etc.

Due to this closing down, I get to collect all my AWSs (Annual Wage Salary) that I have been saving all this while in company's account. I didn't want to withdraw a single cent out of it as it might slip out my fingers without me knowing it. I know some of you would says I should have inest it. Thanks but no thanks. The previous times I got hold of my AWSs (in 2000) I used it to pay the debt I owe a security firm due to losses I incurred via stock trading. It was gone the next day I received it.

NOT THIS TIME! I took the deliberate and calculated step not to take out the money, and my last count shows I should have saved 5-digit figure in SGD. I'm not going to convert to RM quickly, I will wait for a good exchange rate before doing so.

As of today, the exchange rate is SGD 1 = RM 2.32465. That is high compared to what we have been seeing for the past few months. But, I believe the RM will continue to fall down further. Why?

Simple, the feud between Tun and PM is causing it to fall, and that is just one of the major reasons.
Other reasons could be :-

i) RM 20mil investment in YABby Club which includes security upgrade at Sri Perdana. This is happening when majority of Malaysians (including me) complaining about the price hike in almost everything around us.

ii) New IGP in charge. This means we will see more protest happening in Malaysia. Hopefuly Tan Sri Musa Hassan can bring everything under control, but not in this calendar year, definitely. The changes he tries to implement will cause a lot of chaos, I believe. But he seems to be the MAN to take control.

iii) How on earth a banking company will survive if it cant even get the facts out of Secondary 3 History text book right? GOK! Definitely not a good sign of good investement!

iv) Finally, less bread consumption in Malaysia over the next 1 - 2 months will bring the RM lower! WIll it? I don't know.


So, will I get rich? Of will I die trying? Only 50cent can answer this.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dining out...

We have been dining out every day for the past 3 days.

Wednesday - Yishun's Shami, Northpoint - Serves excellent briyani (both veg and non veg). At peak hours you are bound to meet a queue of at least 10 people waiting for their turn to buy briyani!

Thursday - Little India's Iniavans. Their tamarind curry is one fo the best in town! And their Idly is soft and its not sour at all!

Friday - finally (according to her) I brought her to Han's to have Spaghetti's de Rebus (veg) and I had my Veg Mui Fan.

We were dining out not because we wanted to, but we HAD to. My landlord had a visitor at home for the past 3 days and that made it difficult for us to cook at home, hence the dining out.

Some of these pictures I snapped while we were on our Dining Adventure....

From my previous visit to Little India and this visit,
I found that the Peacock now have a companion!

A bigger peacock.....yet to be up!

This cow was found moo-ing around China Square Central...

And his's similar to what AnaSalwa spotted

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Hope it's not gross.....

I had a scope done on Monday.....was having quite a few bit of problem with my stomach and it was timely for me to just find out what's really in me. And I fixed and appointment with SJMC doctor on Saturday and was asked to take up Ultrasound and Scope on Monday.

When the Monday came, I was at the hospital at 7.45 am. My appointment was at 8.30am.
I wasn't early because I am eager, but because my brother (who is working there) had to be there earlier than his usual days.

After walking around for about 45 minutes....I was called in by the nurse.

Was chit chatting with her for a while and the doctor managed to come down only at 10.30!!!!

While waiting for the doctor, the nurse asked me to lie on my bed and pushed me into the room.
And as my habit suggests I can't keep my mouth shut most of the times...and so I started talking to the nurse...

Me : What OGDS? (That is what was written on my appointment card)
Nurse : It's Gastronomy Scope.
Me : (I looked at her and politely I asked) Where's the D?
Nurse : What?
Me : There is not 'D' in 'Gastronomy Scope'? Are you sure?
Nurse : Huh? Wait huh I will ask my friend? (She did look irritated though!)

After few seconds, 2 more nurses came rushing into the room...
Nurse 2 : It's actually 'Oesophagus Gastronomy Duodenum Scope'.
Me : Aaah...I see.
Nurse 3 : Malulah kaum.....
Me : I hope you guys can get the process right? (smiling of course)

He he he.

After that I remembered the nurse spraying something inside my throat to numb it. The doctor injected me with anasthetic (whatever the spelling is) and i was given a blue pacifier to bite. That is how it looked, at least.

The next thing I know, my brother woke me up. And I was telling him something.....over and over it seems. For about 4 times. He told me this when we were having our lunch. :)

By the way, I was given a VCD of myself....the inner part to watch whenever I want.

I hold on to it the whole of Tuesday (btw, both Ms. Dinner Date and myself took MC and spent the day sleeping at home....2 lazy bums....). But by nite, around 1.00 am, my patience wore thin. I need to know how I look deep inside me....and so I opened our new laptop and slotted in the VCD to watch myself!

There were tunnels in me! Luckily didn't see any tolls there. Could see some tubes going deep inside looked more like a STAR WARS BLACK HOLE exploration.....but it was quite interesting....and at the end of it....there were another mechanic hand that picked something out of my self! It pinched me, twice! Hope it wasn't a special effect directed by Steven Spielberg or George Lucas.....

he he he

Anyone wants my VCD? I might circulate it in the pirated market.....10 minutes of absolute adventure!

Any takers?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fingers and Doors

It's weird, strange and definitely needs a research done by Discovery Channel.
The connection between fingers and doors have been well documented in everyones life.

It seems that these two (the finger and the door) are lovers trying to be separated by the humans. No matter what we do, they get back to each other to have that quickie smooch! Bang!

You never hear anyone complaining any other parts of their body being stuck, or at least not as often as we hear finger and door doing a quickie.

It hurts us, not them. They blush. That's all they do, just look at your finger being caught in between the door. They blush!

Whats with them?

This post is inspired by fellow blogger Marsha's son, Jared, being the victim. Marsha, please take care of Jared. ok?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Onam Special...

Yesterday was Onam festival....something like Deepavali but this one is for Malayalees.
So, Ms.Dinner Date (as the name suggests) and I went for a dinner at Kerala Cuisine in Little India, not knowing the fact that Kerala Cuisine have been shifted.

So, we reached the place around 7.20 and went straight to where Kerala Cuisine (KC) used to be..and found Appolo's Banana Leaf Restaurant instead. She tried calling couple of her friends before the confuse us with the direction. Then I asked a lady from the souvenir shop...she was friendly....but she wasn't helping me. Then I walked over to another souvenir shop and asked the uncle who showed me the right direction. Thanks uncle.

So, we went to KC which is now located at basement of the newly opened Tekka Mall. Surprisingly the place wasn't crowded. We walked straight to a table and sat happily waiting to try their Kerala food. She was dying for it.

Within a few seconds, the waiter came over to our table....

Waiter : Onam Sathya.
Me : What is that?
Waiter : Onam Sathya?
She : Happy Onam to you too.
Me : are wishing me happy onam is it? (talking to the waiter). Happy Onam to you too. Whats special for today, since its Onam?
Waiter : Onam Sathya.
Me : Wait, Onam Sathya means food is it?
Waiter : Yes.
Me : (thinking) say so do you expect me to know your language!
Me : Ok ok, get us 2 set please.

Ha ha ha...

Anyway this is what we ate. It was sweet and had a lot of taste to it, compared to south indian meal which I'm used to.....

Our main course.....

side dishes....

After our meal we ordered tea and to our astonishment KC doesn't serve hot drinks!...mmm I wonder why? National Security issue perhaps....

Since Ms.Dinner Date needs tea right after her meal...just like guys who like to smoke right after their meal, we had to walk to Komala's Villas to have our tea.

The tea, not Tea Loni!

After the tea, we walked to the Komala's Snacks & Sweets shop to buy laddo, pal goa, halwa and murukku. (sorry no pictures)....

When the shopping is done, its time to get back home. The thing about Little India is that, its so difficult to get a cab around this area although you will see hundreds of them.

One of the decorative peacock setup up along Little India road to celebrate Deepavali...

And we were home by 9.15! Phew.....Happy Onam to all....

p/s : Saw this interesting score board erected right in front Caltex House, Raffles Place. Check out the 3rd name on the WOMENs leaderboard. mmmm..wonder how it found the hole!


Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm Connected!!!! Yahoooo

Well, well, well.....I'm connected. To internet, I mean.

Have bought a brand new laptop form COMEX yesterday. It's a Compaq Presario v3000 which cost 'us' SGD 1720!!! Looks, slick and sexy!!!!

Not only that, 'we' have also signed up for a StarHub broadband access for 'our' house....

This is my first blog with 'our' new laptop......I'M CONNECTED!!!!!!

p/s : Wonder whats the need for 'we', 'us' and 'our house'???? Will explain soon.... he he he
Can anyone smell the fish by now????