Monday, February 27, 2006

Mock meat.....a mockery?

As my close friends would have known me by now....I'm a vegetarian....not a strict one though..but a weird one.

There are varieties of vegetarians to be found....below are some of them based on the order of its strictness..

1) "Extra Virgin" Vegetarian - the idea of these people is not to kill another living unit to served as food for us. Now mind you, this includes onion, garlic, potato, nuts, carrot, mushroom and other edible root vegetables! They only eat leafy vegetables but even then not the ones that you have to "uproot" then wholly.

2) "Virgin" Vegetarian - these group of people absolutely avoid meats...any meats at all!

3) "Red Meat" Vegetarian - this group avoids only red meats. However, they do consume sea foods

4) "Chicken-Egg" Vegetarian - WE are a hybrid of 2) and 3). As we consume chicken egg. Not the chicken. Mmmm...pretty wierd huh.

All the vegetarians in the groups above absolutely avoid any food that contains any of the prohibited meats. Except for the one below

5) "I-Don't-Know-I-Don't-Care-Or-At-Least-I-Pretend-I-Don't-Know" Vegetarian. Now this group is a bit weird, they avoid chicken, but eat chicken curry minus the meat. Fish curry minus the fish. Mutton curry minus the mutton and so on. So I really don't know what is suppose to mean. I personally think they commit more sin than I or the non-vegetarians do. You kill a chicken, put it into your curry, cook it and serve it. Later decided to throw away the meat! What an insult for that chicken!

Anyway, It's their problem and not mine I'm happy to be entering my 7th year as a vegetarian!.
Although I have gained 10 KG in the first 3 months since I turned vege, I still love it. My weight now have been consistent between 56-58.

P/s: When I wrote the title of this article i had something else in mind, but by the time the words started to flow it went way off from the intended article byt heck care! I'm A Vegetarian!
But I dont eat carrot, mushroom, egg plant, cucumber, lady's finger and beet root! YUUCKS!

Long Live Chicken, Cow, Fish, and Goat! Mbeeeekkk!

Friday, February 24, 2006

As it stands...

As you guys know, 2005 ended with a sad note in my life.....not something to cherish..never even wanted to look back at it...

but 2006 so far, mmmm things have been great. Incredibly great!

In Jan, not much of things happened but saw the way my relationship with dearrie turned towards something good....

Came Feb and "wow!" is what I would attach to it for now...

In Feb, I had that Divinely Romantic V-Day, had SGD 500 increment, and a new offer to join a training company as a Country Manager, but yet to finalise the details on this one yet. Nevertheless it is a good one.

The best of it all, the gifts I have been getting this month!
Here's the list...

1) A set of tie, belt and handkerchief from dearrie
2) A T-shirt and a shirt courtesy of Pu1pu3...thanks a lot Pu1Pu3
3) A casual shirt from a close friend
4) A Fossil wrist watch...well from MYSELF!

- simple, elegant yet my style

wow....this is so cool, and I can't wait to get my hands on my claims that have been pending for the past 2 months which will enable me to get a new HP shoes if possible (Since there is a HP warehouse sale in my office building right now!), or any other shoes that I might like..... mine is wearing out! Thanks for the sporting behaviour of mine to kick the sepak takraw ball in the office, shoe worn out in less than a year!

so, AS IT STANDS...It has been a FEBulous month!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Disabled or These Abled!

It was quite interesting to notice the "Support These Abled People" campaign which was there for years in Singapore. Not that I have just noticed 'em but i have just decided to talk about it.

Disability - got nothing to do with physical condition of a person. It's mere incapability within the individual. Each one of us have our own disabilities.

If that's the case, why do we shamely term these group of special people as "Disabled"?
Ever wondered how would they feel? Naaah......"I am showing sympathy, so it's fine"

It's always easy to focus at the good points in our acts.....I do that most of the time.
But it's not the same. Just not the same. For once, just once imagine we have to go through what Dick and Jane had to go through in "Fun With Dick And Jane"? Leading a quite high profile life, with too much of a commitment like most of the middle class people like us do. Then suddenly one day, you loose your job. Hunting for another job, but not losing your pride! It's not easy when you are running out of cash on daily basis. After much of a struggle, you become desperate for money.....say....just "say" (I don't wish for it) day we had to beg to feed our kids, wife and lead any life at all....then came a generous man and gives us some money....and he goes....

"Hey beggar, here take this 1 dollar" he smiles and walks away thinking...."wow, thats another good deed of the day"

It IS a good deed, but "beggar"? At that point, can you imagine how it would have hurt you! You will be reduced to mere molecule in the universe. The whole world sounds cruel and harsh on you and makes you look like a fool, wouldn't it.

That is how exactly these "These Abled" people would feel when we hang those "Donations for Disabled Peoples" and get them to sit there and show off as though they are happy only with your monetary contribution. It's not the same. What about their pride, esteem, morale? Who cares heh?? Not quite.

With that, I think its important we at least familiarise ourselves with the term "These Abled People" coz, they have more abilities, determination and grit than you and me! I'm sure.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Over'straits' business trip

Hey guys,

I'm posting from my over'straits' business trip ...
(trying to imitate Pu1pu3's London+Berlin trip, unfortunately I couldn't make it to overseas...all I made was a trip from Singapore to Malaysia over the Straits of Johor!)

Well, for the first time I tried this so called super exclusive VIP tour bus from Singapore to KL (Corus Hotel) which costs me SGD 47.00 including refreshment, dinner(with dessert) and a hot drink. The coach is a double decker coach, where the lower portion of it looks more business like and leisurely done. Since I bought the ticket at last minute I couldn't really choose any seat. The upper portion was good as well. The seats are comfortable, you have a FUNCTIONAL reading lights for each passenger. Can you believe it! A FUNCTIONAL LIGHT GUYS!
The steward, a malay guy was very well dressed and spoke a very good English and was pleasant as well. Thankfully, he didn't sound like those train captain you can find in trains from SG to KL or vice versa, where they have their own language that you barely understand! The best thing is, this coach comes with number of power points within its deck where you can hook up ur laptop or stuffs to work with. Oh, they do have the foldable platform like thingie. It was good. And me being a vegetarian, I get to inform them my preference of vegetarian meal and they do serve me quite a good meal! WOW! Excellent!

And they were really really fast. We left SG at 6.45 pm, and by 11.30 I'm already at Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang!

Today, I will be having a meeting with company XXX in Bangi at 3.30 pm. After which I'm gooing to go to popgummer and pu1pu3's place for a sleepover. We might go down to Hairol's (one of our other 'band' member) house to visit his new baby. What to buy? What to buy?

Tomorrow, I will be travelling down to Kuala Selangor where my mum's place is with my second brother Syafiq. And most probably, will be visiting company XXX on Monday morning before travelling back to SG.

Till then, take care guys....

Chiow, Chin Chau

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Divinely Romantic Valentine

So, the day came and it went! Wow!

Yesterday, I had an extended lunch with my dearrie then went back early to spend some time with her before sending her off to JB by 11.00 pm.

So, met her at 5.30 pm. where she was getting ready to go to temple. She want me to bring her to a temple very much that I said ok..let's go..

So she wore he usual girlie indian suit and tried to get me to wear a black kurta (male indian top). I strictly told way. Indians are not suppose to wear black colours to temple (although we are black!). But not many people follow these things nowadays...I'm an exception ok.

Sharp at 7.30, off we went to temple. We prayed, and spend some time at the serenity of peace in the temple at South Bridge Road.

Factoid: Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Chinatown (South Bridge Road) is one of the oldest temple in Singapore and the first one to be built in Chinatown. And guess, who is the neighbour? Masjid Jamae! Absolute harmony publicised! And they are also coming up with a Buddhist temple just a 150 meters away from these 2 neighbours!

Then we walked all the way to Singapore River to spend some time by the river bank and watch people screaming. Well, we sat right opposite the G-MAX thingie. It's something like a ride you would find in amusement park, where you will be seated (3 person max) in a steeled circular shaped seat and attached to a huge string (or whatever you call it) and you will be flung into air like a yoyo. So we sat and enjoyed this crazy people screaming.

Then we took a bus back home by the time which I had my feet swollen. Lately I cant walk too much and it will be very very painful and swollen! Dunno why.

And at that point, my dearrie who was equally exhausted did something of an unthinkable! SHE MASSAGED MY FEET! ooooohh so sweet! That temple trip really worked wonders!

Thanks dearrie.

Later I sent her to JB came back home and collapsed! to wake up and watch Arsenal vs Liverpool for 5 minutes and collapse again!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One guy that matters most in my life

I'm dedicating this post to my best buddy in the whole wide world!
He has been such an impact in my life till people used to term us as twins, back in college!
(Mind you, he looks wayward different compare to me. He is fair, I'm not. He is good looking, I'm not. He is stylo, and I drink Milo)!

This is one guy who actually thought me how to behave in public, with elderly, with girls, with friends and everything.

We met on out first day in college. Back then, 4 of us just hooked up together and went out for lunch somewhere far! I was new to KL then. The next day, both of us got closer and we are ever since! (NO BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN RELEVANCE HERE, PLEASE!)

He cares and concerns for me beyond any normal friend would do. I love him for all his efforts to be close to me. At times, we behave like we are that of Brokeback Mountain guys....but hey we are not! .... There are many incidents where he stamped his authority on me just to get me on track!

How I got my first job? Because of him!
How I even finished the project and submitted it on time where I almost didn't? Because of him!
And too many to quote

He actually made sure to fetch me to the interview and send me back as I was still lazy to look for a job right 1 month after our graduation! and If not for that job, I wouldn't be where I am now.

On that assignment/project thingie I had a bad day that particular day and reached home quite late and was very tired to even turn on my computer. But he called me, and was talking to me through out the nite just to get me going and finish my project. What a guy he is!

He stays 20 mins away from KL. I stay 1 hour away from KL. And this guy would drop me off at my house before he goes back at times!

The way I eat, the way I dress, the way I keep my loose changes, the way I place my spoon and fork after meal, the way I pick up things from floor when I dropped em, the way I talk at times, the way I walk, the way I even drive are modelled after him.......

he is the the one guy I will always thank god for introducing to me.....thanks a lot PAI (the way we call him!). Thanks for being my best buddy!

Valentines Day! well....

It's the day! the day that matters to the loved ones the most.
Although you should be loving them everyday...but its just a day where you can openly express it....

so, I would like to wish Happy Valentines Day to all the people below :
1) The one I love
2) The one I loved
3) The one I loved and I left
4) The one I loved and you left
5) The one I almost left
6) The one I almost thought I loved
7) etc....

Well my dearrie is down here with me to celebrate V-Day, since we never celebrated it for the past 7 years. She was here since last Sunday.....and I bought her a bouquet yesterday. A bouquet of Rose Cabbage (left). It is something different. Just wanted to be different.....

I bought her a card, which I gave her at 12 midnite! She used to grumble I don't add my personal touch to any of the cards I have given I am a guy who hates writing on any card. I only like to pen down my signature and thats it. nothing else. If you are lucky enough I might write your name in the envelope. :)

Well, I wasn't like that last nite. I actually wrote a message for her... which reads...
"To the one I love now and forever..."

"Your one and only..."

SEE! I have improved! tremendously! Didn't I?????

Anyway, happy Valentines to all those who are near and dear to my very special friends.... and the best of them all Syaful & Putri! You guys are the best things I have ever had in my life......Thanks a lot and May God Bless You Guys!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Increment and its meanings

Increments means a lot to each and everyone of us.
It comes with its own message

When you get a very very minimal increment, just to comply to your contract it means :

In all the other cases, it means I'm paying you more so that you can work more than what you are doing now! Never seen anyone getting an increment for what they have been doing and going to do the same in future.

Well in our case, when 2 of us in the office trying very hard to live with the new expectation, our other colleague is happily enjoying Mickey and Donald in HONG KONG! GRRR GRRRR

Probably, he thought so I will have more $$ soon, I better get rid of whatever I have now!
Hey buddy, it's your money and your wish....but when we are swamped with work in the office....can you please be here! We are dying with bombarded calls during our client meetings!
And gosh! Do you have to plan this last thursday! and let us with no option but to say "Hakiya Miyaki Nakata Kushiyama"! ("Bon Voyage" in Japanese...I hope. Wait a minute he is in HK not Japan AAAH!!! I heck care!!)

SPEND YOU increment later WILL YOU!

"money, money money"

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tekka Mall Madness

I'm walking into Tekka Mall (Little India) madness tonite...
my friend invited me for a dinner, where we know it's going to be crowded with devotees preparing for Thaipusam this sat!......I will going over to JB for the Thaipusam...will see if I can take a couple of shots if possible at all!

Until then...... Vel Vel Arooooogara!....

Updated 10 Feb 2006
What has happened to Tekka??!!! No rush, push and hush that I was expecting!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


We all just had a company lunch/CNY usual I had my own Vegetarian course .....

after that we all came to know this company X is buying us over....not that we are profitable one....but quite ok in terms of sustainability....

and the best part is................................EACH OF US GET A PAY RISE OF SGD 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow.....yahoooooooooo...but then..............jeng jeng jeng.....(i will reserve this particular statement to myself).......

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sleep like a baby....

Have you ever heard that term..."sleep like a baby"?
And once in a while we might meet this smart a** who responds with
"babies wake up every 2 - 3 hours, and wet their napkin" HA HA HA HA

Very funny, dumbo!

"Sleep like a a mum's womb" they meant.....

I just watched this show on National Geographic on Sunday which actually documented everything from the conceiving moment up to actual delivery. And the labour part show everything that happens in a labour square boxes anywhere. Well it's all in your perspective....i personally felt it was very very touching and heart warming..... wat an experience.....just like being in a labour myself!.....

oooh by the way.... I DIDN'T sleep like a baby last nite, in fact I woke up at the wrong end of my bed with a sprained neck! adddoooooi!

Monday, February 06, 2006

The day today...

so far nothing happened.....waking up early nowadays so that I can be here at 9.30 everyday to let the Intern Gal in.....while the other are happily walking in (if your are lucky enough) at any time they want to.....Whateva....dun care....

Have just finished 3 out of 5 tasks I set for myself today...
will be out later in the afternoon ...going to service one of my client then I got to work on certain personal things......MUST FINISH IT TODAY!


Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Signs....

Well, I'm not talking about that Joaquin & Gibson show directed by M Shyamalan here....i'm here to talk about the signs of life.....beyond our mind capabilites....something unexplained...and unexplainable....
Just for a note, Suria is going to air a 13 episode unexplainable show on this topic soon.....titled Dimensi ke-4 or something like that...... so for SG-ans...enjoy...and Jijah I know you will love this as you love the Incredible Tales...(not sure for its drama or for Utt (MTV VJ) though!)

Anyway, the past 2 months have seen so many things happening in my life....things that made complete, drastic, 180-degree changes in terms of perspective....

let me start it from the beginning (or is it the ending?)......mum's funeral.....

for once, my niece Mehal (2 1/2 years old) have been traumatised with the whole event.....
she used to be so attached to my mum...and now she cries at the mention of going back to my mums house. Even if manage to get her there...she NEVER wanted to stay, or step into the living room alone! I really have no idea. Anyway, that was where my mum was placed for the whole i believe Mehal is seing something here....

secondly, strange things do happen....
4 - 5 days after the funeral...both my niece and nephew who are aged 2 1/2 years.....played a strange things which gave us goose bump. Both of them was playing with handphone and both of them pretended to be talking to my mum! Mehal went like 'Hello Patti, how are you? Can you walk already?" And my nephew, Magindra went like 'Ammachi....bla bla bla' (he cant really talk well yet.....)

And guess what, both these things happened at 2 different places, one in KL and one in my mums place. So there are no ways these kids are copying each other....
Note : Both 'Patti' and 'Ammachi' are equivalent of 'Grandma'.

Then, I had my own experiences as well......first 2 weeks....i have been waking up in the middle of the nite or before I should be waking up, exactly at some specific patterns associated though...... i woke up at 3.00 am, 3.30 am, 6.00 am, 6.30 am, 8.00 am. Mind you guys..its exactly at that time, not a minute or 2 more or it digital or analog is always right at these times!

Had further incident, I have been having sleepless nite, and nightmares till today.....
When my dearrie was down here to give me company...she claimed that I woke up in the middle of nite once and was calling out for my mum.....and on the second nite i was sleep talking...but she said she can't understand a single thing...... I DON'T SLEEP TALK! NEVER!.....

Of late, I've been having dreams of Mum, Dad or both of them almost every other's all strange......dunno why!

As pu1pu3 mentioned...probably....mum have something unfinished with me.....i really don't know.... I just hope her soul rests in peace....

I really do hope so.......