Friday, October 28, 2005

SMILES.........need lah.....whats your problem?

I really hate to be treated like an unwanted customer in any restaurants or retail shops.Its just something that I think should be a basic necessity even before you as the owner stock up the foods/products.Do you really think you are selling some magical food that will attract customers regardless of your service or what.I am sad to say this, but the worst customer service was always received at most of indian restaurants/shops. Whats with you people? Why can't you smile? Is it to difficult?!!!! mailto:&*%^%!%@&!^#@&!^%@&^

Well, last nite I decided to buy my mum a Saree (YES I'M AN INDIAN!) before leaving to Malaysia today.So I tried to go to this particular saree boutique in Little India which is the only boutique I ever visited in Singapore.And for your info, I have purchased only 3 times from this particular boutique in my last 3 years here! So, I even doubt they would remember me. As I was lightning quick in choosing a saree and get the hell out of that place in my previous visits. My whole purchase lasts only 10 minutes (5 minutes queueing up to pay for it). Anyway, so I kept walking up and down the same street looking for the boutique. Strangely there is a sign board visible from the road, but not anywhere near the boutique. I'm not sure if its being managed as a secret service boutique provider or what. At the end of my 30 minutes wasteful walking the lane (I hate to walk) I decided to just walk(again!!!) into this so called famous saree palace ('palace' - thats what most of these boutiques call themselves). I saw a lady behind the counter folding the sarees rejected by the previous customer. So I approached her...

Me : Hi, where can I get sarees between 100 to 150? (SMILINGLY OF COURSE)
Lady : 'She looked at me, looked down and the said something to herself.
Me : Sorry?
Lady : Upstairs. (No smiles and doesn't even give me the welcoming impression.
Me : Thanks

And I walked up the stairs and saw something like a store room full of sarees and people. Anyway, I roamed alone for a while, not a single human being bothered to even ask me what I want. I waited for like 5 minutes and I just walked out. Telling myself 'I WILL NEVER EVER EVEN MENTION THIS PLACE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!' (that explains y I didn't name the place earlier. :D

It's just inhumane for a business man to do this? What were you thinking? That you can pull it off?

The second episode, same nite, happened at an Indian restaurant which I stopped for my dinner. I was waiting behind the food display counter to choose my food, when I encountered this chinese lady in front of me having tough time asking for a chicken breast meat for her briyani. So she asked for my help, and I got to act out like a 'chicken' (literally of course) to tell the guy what the lady wants. Then I was having my own food when I realised that the same lady was paying for her food and trying to strike a conversation with the man behind the counter (a decently dressed indian man whom I'm very sure can understand english). He simply stood there and stare at her for couple of minutes.

Lady : bla bla bla
Guy : *stare*
Lady : bla bla bla again
Guy : *stare*
Lady : Its raining heavily huh?
Guy : *stare*
Lady : *Smile* (coz she is a CHINESE)
Guy : *stare*
Lady : Left from the place.
Guy : *stare*

My god! If I were the lady I would have promised myself not to return to this zombie-owned restaurant again!

So, please smile my fellow indians. Stop talking with your expressions shown more with your hands than your tone. Just smile, thats all the world needs. Thats all it takes for your business to grow.