Thursday, April 27, 2006

3 in 1.............

I am going to write about 3 incidents in this single post.
Malas to save it for each day. Anyway I will be in KL for the weekend.
So, I may have no time to write it.

Intro : I was not feeling well this morning. So by the time I reach office it's already 12.45 pm.
Came in after my lunch. Not sure why I was sick. may be becoz Markus Merk disallowed Sheva's goal last nite against Barca! GRRRR.

Incident I : Spooky Encounter ...Counter Attack

My posting about the spooky encounter has alerted someone so close to me to actually get my a** to the nearest temple and get MUDI KAYIRU. She even managed to find out which temple does this and saved me the trouble. So I went to temple at 8.00 pm to get MUDI KAYIRU.

I was expecting the priest to tie me a HAIRY STRING (MUDI = HAIR, KAYIRU = STRING). I paid SGD 2 and after the prayers I was tied with a red color knotted string on my wrist. That's when I realised MUDI can also mean KNOT! Aiyooooo TAMIL is soooooooooo difficult.

By the way, I reached home at 9.30 pm. Right before I walked into my building, in open area, I saw a shadow of something flying past me. It was nite, so the street light basically helped my vision. I didn't see any birds there and certainly not bats. Bats? In Singapore? Are you crazy? What will they survive on? Roti Prata(Canai)?

Anyway, I had a peaceful sleep last nite. So thanks to the one and only.


Incident II : Gifts Galore....again

You guys know that Feb has been a fabulous month for me. Gifts galore.
Now, April turned out to be one too. How lucky can I be. But in this month I got all the gifts from the same person.

Here's the list

1) Dark maroon formal shirt *
2) Silk tie *
3) Boxers *
4) Stainless Steel Ring from Lee Hwa. (Mahal siot!)

UPDATED LIST AS OF 28 April 2006!!
5) Panasonic MP3 Player. Tapi yang ni di bagi loan jer. But then. I get to use a brand new, right out of the box ok! ha ha ha
6) Plastic Chinese Turner (Senduk) to go with my new non-stick wok from IKEA.

* - from Marks & Spencers

Ha ha ha. It's not even my birthday yet! (I can hear Jijah grumbling....again)...



Incident III : After I'm gone....

"Still Standing"'s episode last week on the letter you would write for your loved ones after you are dead triggered me to put some thinking about it in my life. And the letter below is the result.....

Dear Han (short for HONEY),

I love you. I must have said that million times when we are together. But I am saying it one last time now. I don't want my love to hold you back in your life. I want you to go ahead and achieve
all those things you wanted to achieve. My lost should not be yours. Please.

You have been a guide, mentor, friend, soul mate, wife, and everything I have ever asked you to be in my life. I really appreciate that and can't thank you enough. I hope I have at least been half of what you wanted me to be in your life.

I love you so much that I'm not going to put any more words into this piece of paper. Word counts will never compliement my love to you.

Love you han. Forever. Until we re-unite again.

p/s: I have a mug full of SG coins in the office, another container(container courtesy of Pu1Pu3) full of SG coins at home and another jug quarter full of MY coins at home too. And another book on Buddha with RM 1 on each page just for you. Just keep it with you Han. I love you.



Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spoooky Encouter II

Now, after months of that traumatising event where someone deliberately wrote 'NEVER YOU GO HOME' on void deck wall at wee hours due to my presence at the unwanted hour, I had a second event last nite.

I was in the kitchen, boiling water to take shower (YES, I HAVE NO WATER HEATER!) I felt like some was walking towards me and turned around. And found no one! I thot, naaa...probably its me.

Later when I was taking my shower at 1.20 am, I felt someone was there in the bathroom with me watching me taking my shower! (don't imagine anything it will be either categorised SG or SX in any case.)

I have never felt the it in my three years of "haunting" the house. Now, I got to go back to that haunted house again!

It's spooooky!

p/s: Booo

p/s/s : Is really the 13th storey (where I'm residing) is living up to its infamous legend. 13!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mothercare Baby Basic Wear Special

We are pleased to inform you that for TWO days: Saturday 22nd April 2006 and Sunday 23rd April 2006, there will be a discount of 15% on baby bodysuit / sleepsuit and basic layette at our stores.
Don't miss out on this event, join us at Mothercare during these two days and enjoy savings.
The Mothercare Marketing Team


I filled up their form, and by default they addressed me as "MS PARAN" over their correspondences! GUYS DO GO TO MOTHERCARE RIGHT? THIS IS DISCRIMINATION!

happy for me?

Do you guys really need to know what is happening for you guys to be happy with me?
Will you guys (out of the 2 or 3 that I have) plainly be happy for me for whatever reason it spells?

Just for the record, I have been extremely happy for the past couple of days.....
I hope it continues into my future and lasts for as long as it could....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I was home at 6.45 pm yesterday. Really have no idea what am i going to do then before deciding on changin gthe soil for some of my plants. So gladly, I wrapped my feet with the almost worn out sandal that was waiting for my feet for ages oinside my shoe rack and carried my plant and an empty plastic pot just in case and headed towards jungle. YES SINGAPORE DO HAVE JUNGLE. Although it's only less than 1 km square. It is jungle! Just waiting to be used for another development I'm sure.

Once in the jungle, which is only 5 minutes walk and across the road of my housing estate. I scanned the land and found a nice spot where I can get the soil I wanted. I'm talking about the actuall soil as in earth, land, tanah, mannu NOT the other soil!

After succeeding my intial mission, I thought probably I can settle with some fern for my other empty pot and decided to look for one before settling for a palm plantt. Whateve you call it. And i headed back home just to realise that my sandal has worn off in the jugle itself. fortunately the piece wrapping my feet was ok. It was jut the base that was left abandoned. SO I managed to balance myself back home. Once everything settled. I turned on the TV and realised GATTACE WAS ON AIR ON STAR MOVIES channel.

I love this show for Uma Thruman. The first time I watched it I was just staring at Uma that I didn't know what the story all about. But last nite, I actually WATCHED the movie. What a movie it was. It's about your courage and will to make things happen for you. I simply loved Ethan Hawke and Jude Law's perfomance. Uma doesn't have much to do.

This show rocks! Ooh by the way, I realised that Uma Thurman have a striking resemblance with Aishwarya Rai! Check it out!

Aishwaray & Uma Thurman

Friday, April 07, 2006

Inside Man and Dragon Fruit!

I had 2 experiences yesterday.
A good and a bad one.

First the good one. Went for a movie last nite, The Inside Man, starring Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster. Directed by Spike Lee. And The main reason I went for the movie not for the A-list star cast but for AR RAHMAN'S Chaiya Chaiya which made it to mainstream hollywood movie. YEA DUDE! Chaiyya Chaiya came in 2 versions one at the opening scene and one at the end. The opening version was original version with some interludes, charanams and pallavis trimmed. The end version is a remix with rapping by Punjabi MC. And I sat through the whole credit roll at the end for 2 reasons. One is to see AR RAHMAN'S name to appear and second to wait till the song ends! What a pleasure! Our very own Rahman made it to Hollywood big time baby. His other, by now, world famous Bombay Theme was recently included in Nicholas Cage's Lord of War movie. Coolio. Ooh by the way, The Chaiya Chaiya do appear in the OST of The Inside Man.

Reached home ard 11.00 pm and watched my favourite Reality TV show.
What's that? Well its the Persidangan Parlimen of my country. Wonder why its shown late at nite? I know, may be to avoid the embarassment it causes!

Know what was the topic yesterday?
This MP from J*r*i said "Saya makan Dragon Fruit minggu lepas. Selama seminggu saya pergi tandas saya nampak merah2. Buah ni selamat di makan ker tak?"
What a question? Wait.....and the answer from...I dunno who...came
"kalau makan merah keluar merah doktor cakap ok. Selamat. Kalau makan merah keluar hitam itu tak bagus"

WHAT THE F**K! It's Parlimen! The place where our countries direction is set and you discuss about what you ate and what came out! Gosh GOD PLEASE SAVE MY COUNTRY!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Appapa, where's my computer?"

That's the question my sweet little niece, Mehal, asked me the moment I opened my brothers' house door.

"Oh sweetie. I'm sorry, Appapa haven't got the time to go an look for one."

I have been saying the same thing to her, well, over 6 months now.
You see, I actually promised her to get her the kids portable computer for her birthday and until now....I haven't deliver it. I can see her patience is growing thinner. Sorry dear.

So, guys around KL. Any idea where I can get this stuff. You know the computer where you can play games and it is meant for kids around the age of 5 - 7. It looks like a portable laptop, but bulky most of the times. You can play number games, words trivia and stuffs like that.

Guys.....need help please. Else, she will grow up to be a murderer!
I can't take that chance.....

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sundakka Sambal

I came back to Singapore this morning after a super long journey from Klang last nite. (been away since last Thursday. Had prayers for appa on the 31st March).

Took the bus from Klang and I dozed off just to be waken up at Seremban. We were asked to transfer to another bus and so all of us got down and waited for about 20 minutes before the next bus came. I got a seat and ...dozed again.

Woke up at Yong Peng...decided not to get down and dozed off.
Woke up again when the bus was leaving Yong Peng and dozed off again.

Finally arrived at Larkin at 5.40 am. Took an express bus to Singapore but to my horror there was a stretch of cars for more than a kilometer at the JB Customs! Gosh...traffic jam! I got down and decided to walk. Almost got squashed by 2 busses but escaped. I didn't have the idea of taking the KTM train from JB which stops right in front of my housing estate until the moment I walked passed the station. I just walked into the station and got me a ticket.

Finally reached home at 8.20 am. And decided to take a short nap before undeciding my decision! (huh???!!). Just rested at home till 10.30 before taking a hot shower and head to office. So far I have managed to survive the day but dunno for how long more. Have vomitted twice from last nite.

What can I drink to cleanse my stomach? I think I have been consuming too much of starch food. Any idea anyone...please.

Oh by the way, while I was on the train from JB to Singapore which passes by the 'back lane' of Singapore lifestyle, the train slowed down at the Bukit Timah station when I spotted.... SUNDAKKA(pic above)!
Mum used to make Sambal Ikan Bilis with Sundakka. It's spicy and delicious, ala orang kampung. Mum used to make it dry and I used to eat 3 times at least whenever this was cooked at home.....before I turned vegetarian of course. one will be able to cook like that anymore.. :(