Thursday, August 31, 2006

Probably I was a 'Malay' in my past life

It's not the first time...i hear the comment 'You just like a Malay guy' from others....they say i talk and behave like a in the way I eat, what I eat especially, the way I think, and etc....Anyway...its not meant to degrade anyone in anyway.....its just what others observe in me....

but last nite i had a weird old malay to be my grandparents was holding me in their arms! And guess what, I made the trip to their house in a kampung with my late dad in his old motorbike.

I even hugged my 'nenek' before I leave which invited a few stares from the people around us....obviously it's not a common sight to see an indian hugging a Malay lady....

A few years back I dreamt something similar too, but then no one claimed I was theirs then. Just that I was in a malay village, in a malay house and that house was mine. My late aunt was with me and I was with another malay girl. Not sure if its my wife, sister or what.

mmmm...i wonder why? why why why?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Forget Mars...lets CIO Pluto!

I was wanting to know more on the demotion of Pluto as a part of our system....and so I checked out the video library at

While viewing one of the clip...I was dumbfounded...when I saw 2 faces in the solar system!

Check this out!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Did Mars really came close to earth?

I received SMS's and emails alerting me that on the 27th August the MARS will be as closest possible to earth as it can before repeating it in the next dunno-how-many thousand years....

the time given was 27th Aug 12.30 am...

not wanting to miss this special event....i walked around my housing estate at 12.30 am on the 27th......i couldn't even see the moon! Let alone the MARS!

then I thought...may be its 28th 12.30 i waited the next day...i walked around in my shorts and t-shirt again...i even went to the top of the parking complex of my HDB...and found no moon!!! Not even MARS again!


Monday, August 28, 2006

Didn't make it to Holland but made it to Everton....

Ok ok, we didn't plan to go to Holland the last time around.....we planned only to go up tp Holland Village in Singapore....however we did made it to Everton!

Not the Everton, Merseyside, Liverpool......but Everton Park behind Cantonment Towers...which is my housing estate...he he he

last week went a lot of things to share with you guys.....

1) First of all...i think I have found an unknown fame somewhere on the parts of the world.
Why? let me explain...... those around me or close to me knows the fact that I hardly login to my MSN. I hate it for few reasons. One of them the last a year or two....whenever I login...i will have tons of "Add Contact" request submitted. Initially I thought my long lost friends trying to get back to me....but then i realised...all these contacts are from Sweden, Netherlands, and Finland particularly. They mistook me for someone else...the thing is it comes in bulk! The last time I login....i had similar "Add Contact" request...this time around its from Japan and China......WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHY AM I POPULAR SUDDENLY! he he he

2) Secondly, "Orang Malaysia tak canggih!". Thats what I heard from 2 Singaporeans at the Woodlands Checkpoint....after coming back from JB. Why? I don't know. They said so. But after seeing this in the lifts in Singapore...i have no comments...

Why Canggih people needs this...i don't know.....mmmm

3) Thirdly, last Friday....she took MC and I ponteng kerja. He he...we just wanted to spend some time together....and we did.....we went shopping for new drawer for my room and bought one was cool...and we cooked dinner together....."Food with love" she said.....

p/s : She always say "Food with love" when the food not really up to the mark.....he he he

4) Last nite, we went to her friends house for dinner...nice people, nice food...but my stomach bloated usual....lately just a bit of extra food....makes my stomach of my nurse friend said it could be due to my intestine got need to go for a check up...but tengoklah dulu

5) Finally....these are my random shots...again...

Img 1 : Guess what?

Img 2 : Guess what?

Img 3 : Have any idea how much you need to pay for parking from 8.30 to 5.00 pm?

Img 4 : I hope you will those missing teeth at least! Ha ha ha....

Monday, August 21, 2006


What a week it has been! I was running around between 3 majors clients office to finish off 3 projects!

Not only I did finished the projects and kept the clients happy, I even managed to impress the Australian rep in one of our clients office. Those guys complimented the systesm usefulness and it's simplicity.

The Simplicity is actually due to my lack of time to develop any fancy features...but it turned out to be a plus point...he he he.....God Bless Me!

So far this week, I have a few things arranged. Going down to Little India later in the evening with the Dinner Date to check out some wedding cards. Wait, wait...hold on. It's not for us...but its for my cousin brother in KL. His fiance wants me to check out the designs here which is said to be better than the one to be found in KL. Well, I will know if its true by end of today.

And guess what, next weekend I might be in Holland with the Dinner Date. She is so adamant of shopping there, I don't know what she found so interesting about that place though.

Anyway, you guys have a wonderful day and great week ahead ok.

And this is me in office! Standing still ....and still standing!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Some random shots (from my trip back home...)

The Famous Esplanade, Singapore

The Clock Tower in JB? Can you guess what time is it?

The coconut I harvested and had a feast!

The post-mortem.

Sunset behind my house

Sunset along PLUS highway

Angelic Mehal on her B'day

'Violent' Vishal, ready for action!

"Grandpa, can I help you?" - in one of the grocery shop in my hometown

The tree where the coconut came from

Home sweet home

Another sunset behind my house

Monday, August 07, 2006


Domain expired.....can't be renewed until later in the day! Why? Cos thats when the Canadians start to work.......

my clients email are down..and they have been screaming non-stop....what can I do?


Friday, August 04, 2006

Gangsters of our family......

Intro to our familys new football team @ gangsters...

'Mastermind' Magindra - Age 4 1/2

'Ruthless' Ruthra - Age 2 1/2

'Iron' Iskandar - Age 3

Alang - One of the 'Executive Producer'

p/s : The leader of this group is missing from this gallery...he is our 'Violent' Vishal - Age 2 1/2....i think mummy is bathing him! Hey, don't underestimate him ok!

And of course the coach of these gangsters none other than 'GUSTI ADIPATI'!!!!!


Spam Art? Are we going crazy? Apparently not this artist....

All those spams we receive day-in and day-out were used to make an art and it is being sold.
Apparently and algorithm digests the spams content and produces this images...

The look really good I should say.

For more info....go to or

When 'birthday' comes only to one person...

My niece, Mehal, was angry with her mum the other day.


Because her mum wished me 'Happy Birthday'.

Mehal's logic was simple. She says 'My birthday is next month, why you say 'Happy Birthday' to Apapa now!'.

You see, to her 'Birthday' is only meant for her. So, no one can have it, share it or even think about it!

She has been busy reminding me of her birthday since last month! I better get her something on time this time around......any ideas guys....

She is turning '4 tahun lah!'......

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lunxh Box : Red Rhino in Town

Red Rhino from Singapore Civil Defence in demonstrate Fire Safety Awareness.

The only thing I need to know is their number not how to handle their vehicle? Under which circumstance will you end up with their vehicle and not their efficient (seriously, they are efficient) personnel? So, no thanks...i see from far.

and, NO! I'm not in a cell!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Trip to heaven/ I got pimped

First of all...thanks to all my friends who have bothered to wish me on my Bday...
I hope it comes with a gift too.....those who knows who am I referring to...please don't be shy. Just go and get me something ok..... :) just kidding.

Anyway, I was pimped. That's how I felt. I had a wonderful holiday in Melaka with the Dinner Date. Full expense covered trip beb! I felt so like pimped.... he he he.... Hey she insisted ok. But the she asked me to be prepared for her birthday! Gulp! Big Gulp!

We stayed at the Renaissance Melaka...and she checked us in to the Club Level room which ensured us to receive a wonderful service and personal attention. We had chefs making special arrangements for us for breakfast and evening cocktail (as we both are vegetarians). We had the Guest Relation Manager paying us close attention non-stop. And to top it birthday was celebrated by all the management staffs on Monday morning with a Cheese Cake and a happy birthday song! (I had to eat it at least for a courtesy sake. But to be honest, it did tasted good.....thanks, but no thanks.)

And, the news was shared with all the management staffs I think, coz almost everyone wished me happy birthday!

Thanks Juliana (the GR Manager, I feel so uncomfortable to address her as GRO).

Thanks Dinner Date......god bless you....

Thanks to my family and friends...both near and far for calling me, SMSing me, emailing me your wishes....may god bless you guys too...

p/s: photos coming soon!