Friday, July 28, 2006

18SX/R21 - aiyooo! Don'tlah do it in the public!





Thursday, July 27, 2006

More free tickets my way...

I'm going for a stage play at The Esplanade tonite. I have 2 free tickets worth SGD 32 each.
"The cars & 41 Hours" - 2 stage plays ...

I will get free tickets every now and then from Action Theatre or AsiaMajor due to our sponsorship of their websites.

So, any of you guys planning to come down to Singapore and so happens that you decided to watch a stage play and so happens that I have the know what to do!


The Masterplan....

I'm in a flashback mood today. And from today onwards I am trying my level best to type slow and read it a few times before posting my write ups. I have noticed a lot of spelling and grammatical errors which I could have avoided.

Anyway, sticking to the title 'The Masterplan', it was this plan hatched back in July 1996!
Between 5+1 geniuses who needed the one genius to get through their Maths Paper I exam in SPM Trial test.

The 5+1 geniuses consists of (it's all nick names...ok)

1) Man Perak
2) Samsul
3) Wak Tel
4) (late) Man
5) Pippo

and the REAL GENIUS was none other than our SUPER HERO, GUSTI ADIPATI!
(why do I feel like Brad Pitt in Oceans Eleven/Twelve??. Sorry I prefered Pitt in that show than Clooney)

By the way, the 5 geniuses I've listed were masterminds in everything else except for their academical discipline.

Their Maths Paper I score normally ranges between impressive 0 to 25 max, depending on who sits next to them during exam!

So, they begged me for my help to get them through. They bribed me actually, with that delicious Cekodok Sambal from Pak Teh (our canteen caretaker)! And finally I joined their plan and hatched the most flawless of plans ...erm...ever planned!

We have about 250 students in Form 5 alone. So the exam will take place in 1 big hall and 3 other classrooms. And guess what, only I was in the hall, the others were placed in different classrooms. So paper-exchanging methods ruled out! We need to work out something else.

Gusti (G) : Ok, The exam starts at 8.30. I am a genius (cheh, konon). I can finish by 10.00. It's paper one. Answers alone are good enough. That will earn you 2 points. They will not ask how you got the answers. I will write done all the answers in piece of paper and place it behind the door of the toilet no.3 in our male toilet. Remember just copy and leave it there. The last person must flush it!

B1: When we get to copy it?
G : Sharp at 10.00 am I'm going to toilet to leave the answers there. Sharp at 10.10 B1 (not Bananas in Pyjamas ok) is going to toilet and copy it.
B2 : 10.20, my turn
B3 : 10.30, mine
B4 : Me at 10.40.
B5 : So, I need to go at 10.50. Hoi, the exam finishes at 11.00!
G : That's your problem! Don't go for 'big business' ok.
Unknown voice : And at 11.00 I'm reporting it to the teacher!
(our friend who have heard our masterplan!)

Dishum! Kedubuk! Kaboom! Chebuk! He had blows from the other Bs. Don't worry, no one dies or gets injured seriously in this plan. So he was safe to go and buy us Cekodok Sambal later, after we threatened him of course!

Ooh, in case you are wondering what the B stands for, it's for Bandit.

The plan worked as we planned. Everyone was happy. For a week I had access to unlimited Cekodok Sambal! That was heaven!

A week later, the results were out. Something is wrong. The teachers started giving us a wierd stare. All these geniuses who used to score between 0 - 20 suddenly have scored 70 above! (well obviously I'm not fool enough to give them all the answers right!)
After much scrutinising fro the teachers who can't believe there was some development with their brains, they confessed but never turned me in. I was BRAD PITT, remember! So, I turned myself in to Mrs.Susan, our friendliest-non-smiling-maths teacher!

Mrs.Susan (S) : You gave them the answers?
G : Yup
S : Whats wrong with you?
G : Mmmmmm
S : Ok, I need to punish you for this. I'm deducting points from your total score for each and every single answer you gave it to them.
G : Gulp!
S : You gave them answers for Q1, Q2, Q3........Qn. Rite?
G : You missed out Q15, Q18 and Q20 teacher. (Being a Brad Pitt here, you see)
S : Oooh.....well, after deducting it, you are left with only 38 points! Which means you fail the Paper I. What you going to do?
G : Gulp (again)!. (after a pause of about 10 seconds). Sorry teacher. I'm really sorry. I won't do it again. Please show me some mercy (can't afford to be Brad Pitt anymore. My dad will kill me if I failed Maths!).
S : Ok, this is a final warning. Don't do this again. I'm not deducting your points. Ok?
G : Thanks teacher. You are the best.

Walking out of the teachers room, the other bandits were waiting to know what happened.....
(back in Brad Pitt's mould, I said), "The teacher made a lot of noise......then I said, teacher if you are not happy you can deduct the points from my score. I don't mind. But she just kept queit!. Takutlah tu..."

The bandits were super impressed. My Brad Pitt image preserved forever, I thought. Only to turn around and to find Mrs.Susan standing there with my papers still in her hands!

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Big Gulp 7-eleven!

P/s: This posting was inspired by AnaSalwa's THIEF.
P/s/II : Please correct my spelling or grammatical errors if any.....each correct corrections will earn 2 points. The person with the most points at the end of each month will be treated with Cekodok Sambal Mak Teh. Sorry, last I heard Pak Teh had passed away.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Episode 5 : Love Letter....

The fifth episode is it here

Although the response have been slow so far, but its ok....I'm quite satisfied.

Please give me your valuable feedbacks so that I can correct my blog-com from time to time.

Thanks people

I'm Itchy....yes I am...

I have a confession to make....

I am ITHCY!..
For the past 10 days, I have been scratching my arms, legs, abdomen, face and everywhere..even while I'm sleeping.
A visit to doctor, which basically covers all the basic questionairres such as any new food, new cloth, dusty area exposure, new medicine, new soap, etc and the answer was big NO!

I did nothing. But, I'm ITCHY!
My arms, legs, abdomen and face. Why? Although the doctor prescribed me with 2 different dosage of medicines. 1 pill for the day time, and 1 for the nite time.
The day time pill, have no effect. The nite pill, makes me drowsy and i sleep like a itchy baby. I think he is not curing me, but simply trying to make me sleep through my itchiness.

I'm still scratching. No rashes, no heat puss, or anything. Except for small puss-life effects on my body which only started to emerge today. Why am I itchy?

I am ITHCY!,
Myself. End of this month, it's my Bday (31st July) for those handful of close friends of guys do know what I like rite? So, buy it for me! ha ha ha.

Guess what, this may come as a complete shocker to some of you but yes it is happening.
I am going for a holiday trip from 29th July (Sat) to 31st July (Mon) to Malacca.
So, call me on my Malaysian mobile number to wish me ok! (I am self promoting here, but who cares as long as I get what I want!)

Huh? What? With whom you ask? Well it's with the 'Dinner Date'!
Shocked!!? Don't be.
I have more shocking news to be revealed in near future.

So, till then....take care...chiow


Friday, July 21, 2006

Pilotes Automatieus

Dinner, dinner and dinner

I had 2 dinner meetings last nite....7 - 8.30 and 9 - 10.30...
I was with bunch of friends in McD from 7 - 8.30 talking about some possible systems which we expect to bring us millions.....which I think the system DO have the potential but a million? is porbably too much to ask at least at this stage...

then at 9 - 10.30 i met Patricia and her cousin Ming Hui whom I have known professionally all this while. It's strange how we discovered this......when Pat (my HP colleague from KL) came down to SG, I called her out for a dinner.

So, the cousin (whom she is staying) was very worried who is she going out with in a new place and at nite! Right after the dinner, she went back home only to be interogated by her cousin....

Cousin (C) : Where you went?
Pat (P) : He took me to Esplanade, ThaiExpress
C : How you know him?
P : My ex-colleague from HP-lah. Why? Not happy is it? Wanna die?
C : Where is he staying?
P : Around Tanjong Pagar
C : Hey, I have a friend too around there.
P : I see, he is in IT line.
C : My friend too....
P : He is from KL
C : Wallauweh. My friend too
P : By the way, his name is Paran
C : My friends name is Paran too!!!!!!!

Tats how they discovered that both of them are talking about the same person. ha ha ha

anyway, we went to a vietnamese restaurant last nite...they food was excellent! I really enjoyed the started, a spring-roll with that white laksa mee-stuff, nangka, cucumber, mint and a lot of other was very good...then I ordered my Vegetarian Fried Rice, off the menu. And it was really good, except for I forgot to mention NO MUSHROOM, NO CARROT, NO GREEN PEAS! So, I ended up had to pick all of those myself...

Tonite, I have a dinner date...with The 'Dinner Date'. We are going to The Monkeys Cafe at 8 tentatively....

So, you guys have fun too.....while I have mine...


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who is she? .......

Who is she?
Where is she from?
What is she doing?
How am I connected to her?


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Only Love", "How Many Stars" & "Closer Than Ever" from Bombay Dreams

Only Love
Only love, it's only love
I've never felt like this before
Only love, it's only love
This is a feeling I can't ignore

Only love, it's only love
This music that's playing inside my head
Only love, I know it's love
Without a word ever being said

Something strange has happened here
I'm no longer free
I can't get you off my mind
What is wrong with me?

All my dreams were spoken for
Then you came along and I dreamed one more
Only love, it's only love
Feel like I'm floating above the moon
Only love, it's only love
I think I'll die if we don't kiss soon


How Many Stars
How many stars have to shine
Before your eyes meet mine?
How many stars must I see
Before you dream like me?

How many tides have to turn
Before you turn to me?
How many stars have to shine
Before my heart is free?

How many stars?

How many stars have to shine
Before your hands hold mine?
How many stars must I see
Before you come to me?

How many tides have to turn
Before you turn my way?

How many stars have to shine
Before you say you'll stay?

Everyone needs a sense of belonging
Someone there who always understands
That precious gifts can come from empty hands

Precious gifts can come from empty hands

How many stars have to shine
Before we find our way?

How many stars have to shine

Before we love each day?

How many stars have to shine

Before we find our way?

How many stars have to shine

Before we love?

How many stars?


Closer Than Ever

There'll come a morning
When we'll awaken
Closer than ever
Slowly but surely
Sooner or later
Closer than ever
Breathing the same air
Dreaming the same dreams
Closer than ever before

There'll come a moment
When I will hold you
Closer than ever
Fairy-tale romance
Princess and hero
Closer than ever
Like an old movie
Where strangers end up
Closer than ever before

All of a sudden
Just like a shower
Our love will flower
Life will have meaning

Worth living for

Worth living for

Worth dying for

Worth dying for

There'll come a morning
When we'll awaken
Closer than ever before

Closer than ever


Monday, July 17, 2006

Episode 4 : Litter, rubbish,!

Be careful with what you 'dump'!

Episode 4 : Litter, rubbish,!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The four stuffs...everyone wants to know

I have been tagged! Not sure if thats an achievement or what. The first time I was tagged by Ariel I didn't know what to do...and so I didn't respond. Sorry Ariel.

Now, KG did. I clarified and this is what I got to do....

4 Jobs I Would Stink At:-

i. Dance Choreographer. I have no clue on how to dance.
ii. Singer. ENT doctors will love of I were to cut an album.
iii. Symbologist (as they say). I can't even agree to the symbol of red-standing-man as the symbol to make you stop!
iv. Fisherman. I will let go all the fish I catch!

4 Pretend Nicknames I'm Making Up For Myself:-

i. LordJackNittyD'EnforceSirDueChildsPlayIII. I seriously had this nick before!
ii. Nebuchadnezzar. This too
iii. Rhododendron!. And this one.
iv. Castor Troy! That long jacket in still fresh in my eyes!

4 Movies I Could Watch Over & Over Again:-

i. Kannathil Muttamittal.
ii. Minsara Kanavu
iii. Oceans Eleven and Twelve
iv. City of Angels! ooooh Meg Ryan....

4 Places I Want To Live In:-

i. KL.
ii. Cheras.
iii. Pandan Jaya.
iv. Blok D3. he he he

4 Things I Love To Do During Weekends:-

i. Watch my favourite classic MU match.
ii. Enjoy Jerry Seinfeld on tv.
iii. Some AR Rahman interview.
iv. Sunset with WATER music. (boring, may be....but I love it)

4 Things I Couldn't Live Without:-

i. AR RAHMAN SONGS FOR SURE! Only once in my life I went 4 straight days without hearing a single AR Rahman song and I went crazy.
ii. My believe.
iii. My faith.
iv. Malaysian Politics.

4 Alcoholic Beverages I've Enjoyed:-

i. Beer (Ginger)
ii. Beer (Root)
iii. Beer (the taste of green tea mixed with honey lemon!)
iv. Coke and Cigarette smoke. (Hey it made me high ok! )

4 favourite food & whom I'd like to bon appétit with:-

i. TCC's mango sandwich. The dinner date. ;)
ii. Lasagna. Popgum, Pu1Pu3, Danish and Danil
iii. Thai styled cucumber mix. (I don't eat cucumber normally). Cute Nitha.
iv. All my mum's cooking. Mum and dad. :(

4 places I would rather be in now:-

i. Home.
ii. Cameron Highlands
iii. NY
iv. Dentist Clinic!!!

4 people I'm tagging:

Sorry guys, I just need to pass it on.
i. Pu1Pu3. Lovely character
ii. AnaSalwa. A friend I'm getting to know.
iii. Spider ponnu. Mmmm.......
iv. Cute Nitha...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You don't mean everything you say, rite?

Sometimes, we tend to just say things without thinking how much it will offend the other person.
For us, it should be taken lighlty. But often, that is not the case.

As we realise, there are more people gets offended with such remarks.

For example, when you say 'Go to hell' I'm sure you didn't mean it.
Same goes to 'F*** you'. Or anything else.

I said something too, to someone. I didn't mean to upset, degrade, demean, offend, or anything that sort. I was merely being stupid.

I am sorry. Please forgive me.

I am sorry.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Episode 3 : Yes Pet, No Pet

Read it here

Friday, July 07, 2006

2 some, 2 much Update : Episode 2

Episode 2 is ready. Read it at
Episode 2 : Sharing house chores

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I donno

My new blog of HE and SHE

Hi guys, I have started a new blog of HE and SHE and their life story.
Please visit my new blog at and give me your comments....

Hopefully you guys will like it.....

Monday, July 03, 2006

Meeting Dominique Lonchant

I was in Kota Damansara with my cousin brother and his living-in girlfriend last Sunday. They asked me to join them to meet one of their friend, Dominique Lonchant. Well, they just addressed him as 'The French Guy'. And I was like, "will there be any french babe?" To which I was answered with a synchronized crude stare. Ermm, I think they practice synchronise swimming at home.

Anyway, as we waited for him at the lobby of his apartment a young, well built french guy greeted us. He was a friendly guy then we went up to his place.

The place, an apartment, is simple and filled with IKEA stuffs. From its furniture to its potted plants. It's so green. And NO TV! Guess what, that calms the place a lot.

After their discussion (my cousin, his GF, and Dom) I had a chance to chat with this guy who teaches Yoga from continent to continent. He is a famous French Yoga author as well. The book you see here is his, and that is him in the cover.

I found out a lot of stuffs from him, Tiara actually practiced the breathing technique with him for PGL, Robert Redford, Bridget Fonda and quiet a number of Hollywood biggies are his clients too. But sadly, it's not a life long training course where he can just be based there. He have worked in Hong Kong, Belgium, Thailand and many other countries and now in Malaysia for a forse-able near future.

He even has worked with the famous footballing legend from France, Michel Platini!

And you know what, this guy is 50 years old! Doesn't look a bit that old. The photo in the cover is taken only 10 years back. Whatever he is doing, it's working man!

It was good experience to meet a different person in my life.
I love meeting people.

There's so much to learn from them

Thanks to whom it may concern

The triumph!!!!

Many of my friends were laughing at me for supporting Portugal and France to win the World Cup!. Well, you know what both of these teams are meeting in semi-final.

Although I will not make it past that, it means one of the teams that I support have 50% chance of winning the cup! The Holy Grail!

I think Portugal will triumph past France. France is good, but only lately. Portugal Have been maintaing the consistency from Euro 2004 baby! They are good. Better than a lot other teams. Whats with Deco, Costinha, back in team against France, Ronaldo, Figo, Simao, Carvalho, Maniche in the form of their lives! France watch out. U have Zidane, we have Deco!

Jogo Bonito!!! baby....

The man who was "inside" me....

Last Saturday was the day I will never ever forget in my life.
The relief, the sense of calmness which comes after the pain was beyond words for me to describe. The experience was something I will never ever be able to forget.

The pain in me since the past few days (up to Saturday, of course) left me with fewer options and I opted to visit Dr. Wong. My dentist. I only visit him, no matter what as he has my whole history of accident, fractures, dislocations and other complications that has happened on my face.

So, saturday morning at 11.00 am I was at his clinic at Medan Tuanku.
First he x-rayed my teeth to assess the problem and said "well there seems to be a big hole which is causing all the pain. You have an option of root canalling or extraction. Personally I suggest extraction as you don't have much of the tooth left anyway".

So, I gave him a yes to go inside me and do his "thing".
He planned a normal extraction which will take only 20 minutes at first.
Then the whole thing developed into something more complicated and he was uttering the words I really don't want to hear from a guy with his "tool" in side my mouth. He was uttering "aiyooo", "che che che", "this is strange", "this is very strange", "its not normal".

I was confused as, obviously, I can't see whats happening. I can't even talk.
There were 3 other nurses who joined him at that point. Gosh, my mouth hole was the "main attraction" at that point.

After mich struggle, more anasthetic, struggle, blood, forceful extraction and stitches....i was finally done. All this while, I was pretty cool and didn't struggle. I was telling myself this is a lot better than what I went through past few days.

Once everything was done, the dentist explained that my roots were extra long than normal and the tooth should have only 3 roots while mine had 4! That's where the complications started. My roots were not straight, it was in L-shape!

Who cares, I'm finally free from the pain that haunted me for weeks! The bill came up to RM 500. But I know that is worth every cent I pay as his service is such.

Now, I'm eating my antibiotics and painkillers. The swelling is still there as I can't really move my cheek much. So for those who will bump into me today, remember I won't be smilling much ok. Probably I have to give you one sided smile, which happens to be my dimpled cheek smile. :) he he he .

P/s: Pu1Pu3, read that you are having problem as well. Please try this dentist if you don't have a regular one already. I can guarantee you will not regret.