Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Shaky KL

Classic Encounter - MU VS Chelsea

Warp Zone Opened in KL

IGB(tower) Dawn

IGB (Tower) Majestic blue

Cold Singapore

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

THIS IS CRUEL! Cruelty beyond sanity!

I was so stressed working on 2 simlutenous projects which has to be completed on 24th and 25th respectively...and suddenly by god's grace, or so I thought, one of the clients called to say the project with their client has been cancelled so i can take my time. And I was over joyed by the news....and guess what it, short lived.After 5 hours, where I have already re aligned my mind on the other project, I was informed regardless of the status of the project, they want it on 24th!

Now, I was happy for 5 hours and given another blow! (it wasn't actually if I were to be left with the status quo)

I'm blank, beyond blank! GRRRRRR


Monday, November 21, 2005

It's easier to be an ANT! sucks again.....(nothing new though)

Saturday Nite where everyone else partying elsewhere..i was working till 10.30 pm!
Thankfully there was a MU game at 10.55 or else I would have been staying over nite at office.

Sunday nite, everyone else staying home and enjoying some good show on cable tv..while I was in office till 1.00 AM!

Why ..oooh god...why! Sometimes I think being a red ant is a lot better!

Just imagine the benefits,
1) You dont have to work for money,
2) No datelines (except if you are in 4 seasoned countries, you have to work extra hard to face winter)
3) No over-loaded work (literally of course, carrying 50% more than your own weight is overloading enough...but thank god no one asks you to carry more than that!)
4) No phone bills to worry about
5) Don't even have to go out for festival shoppings and stuff
6) Don't have to watch Keane leaving MU....
7) Most importantly you don't have to remember your way to work or home!

On that point no. 7 which needs an eloboration, I will focus extra on it.

C'mon, being a guy, these gals will always say "Guys don't stop to ask direction and they are lost always!" .....well gals.....
i have something to say to you...."Ya Ya Papaya!" :D

But, being an ant you only have to remember your way up to the butt of the ant in front of you. You just fix your eye on his butt and he will bring you home. That is why their butt is deisgned to be so big, so it's easier to keep an eye on it.

It's so much fun, all your fellow colleagues are your brothers, and all of you go back home at the same time for dinner. Mum never speaks to you, which means no nagging. Dad? God knows where is he in the whole colony.

You won't be branded as the only species who wears the same undergarment for 4 days in a row by flipping the same side twice in the process! You don't watch football and live on a can of beer! and here's the best part, since everyone is as good looking as you, you have almost the same chance of the guy next to you to pick-up, say, Jessica Alba! many good things....but there are downsides of being an ant as well!
1) You can be dead in 1 mili second
2) Forget about anyone rescuing you! (Have you heard of CPR for ants???)
3) You don't get to spend time wasting your parents money first before earning it! (Practically, you start to work the moment you can walk!)
4) You face only an A** for most of your working hours!
5) Your A** being watched for most of your working hours!

but at the end, who cares with so much stress in your life...its better you live a red-ant life and die unnoticingly!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The end of Calvin & Hobbes

Well, everything has to come to an end.
Nothing is eternal except probably The Simpsons. But to know one of my all-time favourite comic-strip is coming to an end is just too sad to take it.

Yes ladies & gentlemens, Bill Watterson the creator of Calvin & Hobbes have put an end to his evercharming Calvin and his imaginary pet tiger Hobbes. Those witty liners about life from the prespective of a young boy is going to come to an end. (

This is the only other comic strip apart from The Dilbert that I really enjoyed. I like The Garfield for its legendary status but its not as witty and as real-life related as Dilbert or Calvin.

The way Calvin looks at bed time as something like a jail term, his bathing as some sort fo torture and homework as something that limits his creativity simply amazes me. Bill Watterson's english and drawings are equally engaging, simple and stuck to a point.

I just gonna miss this strip. Although I believe local newspaper gonna re-circulate the same old strips again and again but the fun and its distance relativity with current issue will be wider day by day!

God, please reserve a seat for Calvin in your kingdom of heaven. Hobbes just a pet so Calvin will be holding on to it and wreck a havoc in your heaven soon.

Rest in Peace Calvin (& Hobbes). Amen.

p/s: For the die hard fans they have released "The Complete Calvin & Hobbes" book so get it guys! Now! And I mean it

My Real Life Spooky Incident!

Guys & Gals,

I have never been this shaken in my life before. I'm a strong believer that the world is not owned by only the visible ones, it is shared between us and them. Them being the invisibles (makhluk halus).

What happened to me last nite, rite under my block really shook me to my bones!

Well I worked quite late last nite, up to 1.00 AM in the office, then I left to home.
Thats when I received a phone call! It is my friend nothing else, the spookiness got nothing to do with the phone call directly. So, while talking to her I got into a cab. Once I reached under my block I just didn't wanna get into to lift yet as that will disconnect my phone line for a while. And I don't want to call her. So I just hang around my blocks' void deck for almost an hour talking to her about her marriage and stuffs.

I was just sitting, standing and facing a certain wall every now and then as nothing else I could do. Then at one point when I was sitting I felt like someone walking past me at the back of me. I turned around and I didn't see anyone and I just ignored that. As there were a few couples walking around at that time anyway.

But what happened later really made me go crazy. After tired of sitting down I stood up, turned around and walked towards the wall I was facing earlier. And I realised there were some writings on the wall which I'm very sure wasn't there earlier. I can bet you my life IT WASN'T THERE, ALRIGHT!

And it wasn't just any writing I strongly believe its very intentional and directed towards me.
It say "Never you go home?". Written in pencil.

(this is the actual picture of the writing)

I was so scared I told my friend I better get myself home now. So I took the lift and went into my house, washed my leg and hit my bed straightaway.

Now, the second incident happened there. My room window is at the corridor of my floor. So the lighting from the corridor falls into my room which I had to cover with same make-do curtains I make out of a bedsheet. Then slowly I realised my room became darker and darker for about 15 seconds! It's like something is blocking the light from the corridor! Believe me in my 3 years in the same place I have never experienced this! And Pu1Pu3 (and her hubby) if you guys still remember you know how well lit my room can be at nite. For something to block that sort of lighting, it will take some extra built in any case. I thought, ok, the second incident can be just my imagination and left it at that. I decided I will check the writing again in the morning.

Too scared, I went to sleep peacefully!

I woke up in the morning, had my shower and I went down to check on the writing. It WAS there as I expected. So I walked around to check if there ae any other writings on other walls just to ensure that after all it might have been some loitters work. And I realised there was no writing at all anywhere else. It's only on the wall I faced! Its definitely intentional by someone ro rather something.

God, I've never been this disturbed. I'm not scared but just can't take it off my mind. It's unexplainable. I shared with my good friend in Singapore and I was adviced to stop hanging around that area at wee hours again!........

Gosh! ...... its spooooky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

TV - Tele-Vision or Tiny-Vision!

Tele-visison, it is called. But now, TV gives you no vision at all!I'm a self-confessed TV freak! I can keep surfing the channels non-stop for 18 hours straight! If ever there was an award in Guinness Book of Records (which I'm sure they have a category to suit my kinda sports, as they have a category for "The Most Bananas Broken in 1 minutes!!!!") I will definitely have my name on it. With all the channels dished out to our living room day-in day-out MTV channel is the most feel-good channel by any yardstick.

Do you know how it feels to know when there are dumberers than us in the world. But the sad part is that they made it on TV and at times make it to be a millionaire while we don't! Will you believe me if I were to tell you by being jacka** you can make your own movie? Don't believe me? Check out the movie called "Jacka** the movie" released in 2002! Anyway, I'm not going into movies rite now.....I'm simply sticking to TV programmes.

TV! TV? When it was invented I'm very sure the inventor(which IS still being hotly disputed was very proud of himself and believe he have designed some sort of Time-Travel cum Warp-Portal machine. It's amazing. But believe me dear inventor, your invention is being littered by the idiotic, moronic, how-stupid-can-a-human-be programmes by the ever creative MTV channels.

Have you guys watched these shows on MTV?
Viva la Bam,WildBoyz,The Andy Milonakis Show,The Osbournes,Room Raiders, etc?

Its all nothing but parades of living morons! I get tensed just by watching these shows! The worst of them all has to be Viva la Bam, followed by The Andy Stupid Show! Whats the fun in making fun at others? After a while it gets boring. The idea is good, you can keep it clean and a class act if you want (think of GAGS, Candid Camera, etc) but why oh why you have to do it MTV way?

Viva la Bam, shows a groups of skateboardes with 2 really fat guys, and a decent looking lady hanging out with them and these guys get them into 1 after the other troubles! I pity the fat guy (Don Vito - above). He is so fat but have no brains! And the guys? Empty of brains for sure!

I wonder who on earth can come up with such a stupid and idiotic shows!? Some dumberer than these dumberers for sure!

Long live MTV for giving me the oppurtunity to glance dumberers than me!

Viva la Bam!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Amazing FAMILY Race....bye Paolo fly...

I have just finished watching Amazing Race (familiy edition)...... i dun really get hooked to reality series normally. But among the few reality series on air The Apprentice, The Survivor and Amazing Race captures my eyes the most.

The Apprentice - its simply shows that you can manage well with well provided resources....

The Survivor - the only thing that makes me to keep watching it, is the way the creative team behind the show comes up with new challenges. Those games are cool and new...

The Amazing Race - i really don't know why on earth am I watching it. But hey...i learned a great American familiy tradition from today's show of last 5 families.

We all know, "Son of a b***h", "F****" are nothing but conjuctions in American daily conversation. When they hate you "tooot", when they like you "tooot", when they are sad "tooot" or even when they really have nothing to say..."tooot".....

It's AMAZING. Well today I saw the Paolo family being booted out. For good. Coz I really hate them for these reasons
1) The Mum complains for everything and never gets anything right
2) The Dad never speaks...i almost thought he is a mute
3) The whole family is dysfuntional

But they just kept going for their son, the eldest. He is bound to be a great leader. I can feel it.

Anyway, in todays episode they had a challenge to fish out all the water from a sunken wooden boat then carry it to a nearby land area. So they were fishing seriously in an ELIMINATION round and the mum was happily splashing water at the other family members! HELLO AUNTY....YOU ARE ABOUT OT BE ELIMINATED...GET SERIOUSLAH!

And half way through the process, the mum gets an idea to try to turn the boat upside down! So the eldest son shouts at her " I HAVE ALREADY TRIED THAT AND I CAN'T" ..... looking at the son being so harsh on his mum...the dad has to come in......and guess what he said

"You, son of a b***h!"!!!!!!!!

Uh!??? Son of a what? Now I'm really confused, are you scolding your son or taking a potshot at your wife? Being the creator of these "Curse-tionary" they should have known where it applies correctly don't they?

Anyway, thats their culture! Who cares.

Amazing Race....just "tooot"s! Jerry are a serious "tooot" GOD OF PRODUCERS!

Viva La Bam! (Whatever it means, it just sounds nice to end my post. Now i have more "tooot"s to say abt this damn show in my next post!)

Monday, November 07, 2005

Festival Celebrations (the true story)

First of all, Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians and others who celebrate it.Malaysian celebrate everything and anything that comes with a public holiday. Or else how would you explain the madness rush to get tickets that starts months before the actual event.

By the way, "Happy Deepavali AND Selamat Hari Raya" was meant to be chronologically correct,although in Malaysian context I would have made a grammatical error. It should be "Selamat Hari Raya AND Happy Deepavali" politically. Anyway, its just a po-tah-to, po-ta-to.

Anyway the major issue here, are festivals really a thing to be celebrated anymore?C'mon when we were young all we know festival means new clothings, home made delicacies, friends and relatives at home, grand lunch or dinner or both, and most importantly ANG POW!

It is celebrative when you are at receiving end of all these things, but when you grow older and fit into the giving end its all spells disaster!

Now, don't mistake me for not being honest in providing all these (or most of it), its just that the thing that comes with it is beyond humane! (at least for me).

Just look at my expenditure last week alone!

1) Kids clothings(for 6) : RM 300
2) New curtain : RM 150
3) New cushion cover : RM 100
4) Elderly clothings : RM 350
5) Dearie clothings : RM 150
6) My own clothings : RM 50
7) Travel expense : RM 200
8) ANG POW! (for kids and elderly): RM 250
9) Misc expenditure : RM 300
(after the hectic eat, drive, eat, drive, eat, sleep routine people tend to fall sick)

TOTAL : RM 1850!!!! (now this figure is not a big deals for most of you...but for me!)

I love to do it once in a year....but my own streak of special occasions is a bit crazy...
just look at this

Oct : Deepavali (normally)
Nov : Dearie B'day
Dec : X'mas
Jan : Our anniversary
Feb : Valentines

Man! I'm just a plain white collar worker! I can take it no more!...

but then........Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Deepavali
Maaf Zahir Batin