Saturday, January 27, 2007

Good News....

Hi guys...
First of all let me thank all of you who have been visiting my blog although its is not being updated regularly as it used to be.

But I promise, I will blog nevertheless.

'GustiAdipati,'ve been busy too. Did you do a followup test after you've recovered? ' - ANA

Dear Ana,
I have not gone for a follow up test yet. But I do have a rheumatist appointment in April. Tan Tock Seng (GH) specialists are fully booked until APRIL! So, got to wait... meanwhile I need to fix an appointment to collect the result of my full-body check up that I took in October!
Thanks a lot :)

'I'm gonna smack you if you don't update soon enough. ' - KG

Dear KG,
ok ok...i'm blogging now yea... he he he
thanks for dropping by bro...

' many things happening.not easy being ur own boss kan?hope after CNY, projects will start coming in and your co will reap in more $$$..Our house is nearly ready...that means more money will go out instead of coming in...SIGH, SIGH..Hope your health is also ur priority.. ' - Pu1Pu3

Dear Pu1pu3,
Don't least u dah ade rumah...I belum lagi...but I do have a new place now...(will update

'harlowww!!!!u'll hear from me once u've start to work on our project at my office.kwang kwang kwang ' - Jijah

Dear Jijah,
Your boss dah kurangkan requirement lah... meaning less money for me :( :(


So to all my friends, who are planning to visit Singapore...>ACCOMODATIONS ARE TO BE TAKEN CARE OF!!! (Pu1pu3, do not miss this paragraph ok)!
It's quite a well renovated flat, with 2 bedrooms, furnished, air-conditioned, bathroom well renovated, and most importantly WE LOVE IT!

2) Remember the government tender that we were trying to sort out? 'Keeping my fingers crossed....' Well the news just in that we have SUCCESSFULLY TRANSFERRED THE PROJECT AND THE FIRST QUARTER PAYMENT IS IN! YAHOOOOO!!!
This contract runs till June 2008! WOWIE!!!!!! Thanks to mum, dad and sis in heaven, thanks to god, dinner date, family and friends who wished us luck on this one.... (cheh....Oscar fever-lah kot...siap ade speech tu....)

3) Long pending project is nearing completion.....can be launched on the 1st Feb! Yahoo...that means the project that I have been working on for the past 1 and half year is coming to a conclusion! Yahoooooooooo II!....

Well, thats about it all for now.....waiting for Ms DD now at my office...she should be here around 3.30pm then we are going for L-sofa hunt for our new place..... :)

See ya guys.....

Thursday, January 11, 2007

....too many things to say...

hi guys....

Initially i started off as a daily blogger...
then transformed to a phot blogger briefly before going back to normal daily blogger.
After some time, I couldn't keep up I turned to be occasional blogger. Even then, I use to blog almost twice a week. die die

Now, I have became Festival Blogger (happens only 5 - 6 times a year)....

Anyway, from my last post till now a lot of things happened.

Firstly, 19th Dec, the day I lost my mum 2 years back (can you believe it!) came and went.
Well, we suppose to have a prayer for her at home...but after consulting religious astrologer the date which is most auspicious was 7th Jan 2007.

Let me explain briefly, for Indians, the first death anniversary will have to checked with the astrologer before performing the prayer. There is a significant reason to it as well.

If the first year prayer date falls before the actual date it is believed that the soul have completed its life cycle and have achieved moksha. Meaning, no more re-birth. But if the date falls after the actual death (like mums') the soul have not completed the cycle and will be back in another living form. Not necessarily as a human of course.

What ever the case is, my brothers and sisters decided to go back to mum's place on the 19th Dec to stay together for few days. Well, I wanted to leave on the 17th but due to last minute meetings changed the plan to leave on the 18th Dec night.

Unfortunately, right after I reached home on the 18th, I started coughing, vomitting, felt feverish and fall sick! I even almost had asthma revisting me! Thankfully dinner date was there to cook, and look after me. Poor girl....had to watch me shivering through the nite! Sorry dear.

And so it happened, I couldn't make it back home. Sorry mum.

Even before I fall sick, I was suffering from serious back pain. My pelvis (near my tail bone) was aching extremely! I even went for xray and blood test but nothing was detected. I have lost 5kg in 1 month during that period and lost my appetite too. Strange.

So, for Xmas and New Year I was practically at home alone, as Ms Dinner Date was working. I cooked for us and had a good dinner, of my standard of course. She is a better cook than me. :)

And so, it happened on the 3rd my server (which is very essential for web based companies) started crashing gradually....I was going through nightmare to get it fixed by 5th so that I could make it back home for prayers. I prayed so hard, that I never realised I am such a pious Hindu.
I could only manage to get it up temporarily by re-starting it everytime it's down. I hoped it will remain like that until I am back so I could really get down to fix it once and for all.

I managed to take a coach back home on the 5th afternoon. Proceeded with the prayers, while monitoring the server in Singapore remotely. Just like how Pak Lah monitored the flood in Johor while busy attending the opening ceremony of 'Puteri Nasi Kandar' outlet which belongs to his brother in Perth!

Fate has decided that, the server will crash completely on Monday afternoon! I have already bought a coach ticket back to Singapore which is scheduled to depart at 3.30. But it will be all too late. Hence I had to fork out cash to take a flight back to Singapore to get the server up.

Once reaching Singapore, I rushed down to DataCenter to try my best to get the server up and running. By then I have started receiving numerous calls and emails from clients complaining thath the server is down. Thankfully it only affected the web server and not the email server.

After trying numerous methods and everything I have learned in IT industry for the past 9 year, I was only able to recover the data and not the OS. So the server cannot be started! CHAOS! That's what it spells. I realised, thats there is nothing much to be done except to get the server replaced. $$$

My company is new, got $$$ meh!

FORTUNATELY, the cash flow within the company has been healthy so far. So we took the short term solution which can last for 12 months at least for now. Spent a few hundred bucks to get a DIY server and set it up first. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE DID! SERVER IS UP, CLIENTS HAPPY! AND I'M RELIEVED!

As for my company progress, no projects confirmed thus far. 'After CNY we confirm ok' is what I have hearing often nowadays. Well, can't blame them....they are already dreaming of Dragon Dance and Fire-Cracker. As long as I can have Mandarin Orange, I have no issues with it! :)

So, that about it for now....

How's things have been for you guys? Do drop me a line or two ok....